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KMHILLI Posts: 165
1/16/14 6:58 P

I'm so sorry. I had it a few years ago. I got if from yoga of all things! I had to (literally) roll out bed in the morning because I couldn't contract the muscles in my abs/chest without searing pain. Sneezing brought me to tears.

I had to abandon my normal workouts until I recovered, about 5 weeks or so. The only thing I could really do was pedal along on a stationary bike.

Hope you feel better soon!

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,223
1/16/14 11:06 A

I hope you feel better soon.

ANGEL_PIE SparkPoints: (68)
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1/16/14 9:12 A

I feel so bad for you. I had this once and could not lie down without being in EXTREME pain. I had to sleep in the recliner for a month. It was awful! I got mine from working in a plant nursery. Good part was it got me out of any heavy lifting for awhile.

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1/16/14 8:53 A

The good news is that not being able to work out your arms won't affect your ability to lose fat there. Fat loss is a total body process; working out one area won't make you lose fat there. That's because your body draws its energy from the blood stream, not the surrounding fat stores.

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1/15/14 6:42 P

I gave myself costochodritus as a teenager when I was teaching myself how to surf. I kept swallowing sea water and coughing it up and managed to rip those muscles. It felt like having a heart attack--MEGA pain, and I say that as someone who doesn't usually even slow down for pain.

It should go away after a few days--you might need a return trip to the doctor and more rest.

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1/15/14 3:09 P

Just when I get motivated.... excited to be able to return to exercising after having my son.... I have a terrible pain that won't go away and its debilitating at times. So 3 months of not knowing what is going on I finally got an answer.... Costochondritus. I could have it for a long time... and it seriously hampers my workout... can't do much strength training with my arms... which is frustrating because that's my number two problem area.... and yoga. I am very limited in my yoga. Grrr....
Trying to stay positive.... it could be much worse.... I thought it was a pulmonary embolism or heart issues so I'm glad it's not that. It's just so frustrating.

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