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I follow a woman on YouTube who had the Gastric Sleeve surgery done two months ago and she's released 67# since the surgery. She had to wait six months to get the surgery and she lost nothing during that time and then she was 288# when she started the liquid diet two weeks before the surgery and she dropped 15#, and then since the surgery she has dropped another 67#. She looked so bloated before and her face has really gone down, so I think she had a lot of water weight. You have done well, so don't worry about Spark's "one pound a week" stuff. They have to do a CYA, but really, when you follow a lot of people on YouTube like I do, they lose weight fast when they get serious about the diet and stay on it. Problem for most of them is after they get down to a reasonable weight they start back with the sugar/starches and then they regain.

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I started my weightloss journey a little over 2 months ago. I've tried the whole diet and exercise regimen before but found it way to easy to get off the wagon. I began looking around the internet for things that I could actually fit into my life that were easily obtainable and I found enjoyable.

I really have a loathsome relationship with cardio and find it tedious, boring, and usually doesn't help me that much. On the other hand I love strength and resistance training.

In 2 months I've lost 29 pounds (I started my tracker here a little late when I was at 285 but I started at 295) I know I'm losing it faster than what is deemed healthy but I feel excellent. I'm finally eating the right foods and using portion control. I have adopted the eat stop eat lifestyle. Basically I eat around maintenance all week but pick one or two days a week where I fast for 24 hours. This has really been a blessing for me and my busy liftestyle. Not having to worry about food for an entire day. It was a little difficult at first not eating but I have no decrease in energy or mood and the fat is shedding off all while I'm making strength gains in the gym.

I wanted to start this journal as a way to stay accountable and share my success with others.

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