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Corn Syrup

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9/22/12 10:34 A

If you look hard enough you can find a study/group/article/ad to support anything!

Corn Syrup: Good - made from corn! Bad - Overly concentrated calories makes you eat more!
Honey: Good - Natural! Bad - can contain pesticide residue!
Regular Sugar: Good - Also fairly natural. Bad - Processed with Bone Char!

There is no right or wrong answer. Everything in moderation!

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9/21/12 5:18 P

My son sweetens his plain greek yogurt with fresh berries. No sugar, no honey...

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9/21/12 7:32 A

I think you should look at this: it's a documentary form the BBC on corn syrup and its introduction into soooo many of our foods now. You can watch it on you tube. Hope you find it informative.

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9/20/12 10:58 A

Honey is generally considered the healthiest sweetener.

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9/20/12 10:38 A

Just think of HOW it is processed. Honey is natural from bees. I wonder today if there any chemicals used in growing sugar canes? I don't know the answer to that but I am positive that the chemicals used in high fructose corn syrup are NOT the best. Obesity has been linked in children to that substance. The corn today is genetically altered. I would go with your mom.

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9/20/12 8:21 A

Yesterday my sister-in-law told me corn syrup is bad for children. The commercial on TV says it is the same as sugar.

My mom told me it is better to put honey in my greek yogurt than sugar because its healthier.

Is this true?

Isn't sugar still sugar, the way it's broken down in the body? I don't really know I've been reading and hearing different things.

Is there a "better" sugar to use?

Please help me out!


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