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1/12/14 6:56 A

Strength training is all about challenging your muscles and making it as hard as possible.

Belting out dozens of reps, or holding a pose for a long time is actually less effective than something that is so hard you can only do a handful of reps, or hold for a very short time.

If you can hold a plank for just 10 seconds before you are fatigued, that is actually very effective in strengthening your core.

10 seconds sounds like a very successful and effective core workout, rather than sounding like failure.

Strength training is MEANT to be hard and challenging.


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1/9/14 2:12 P

I do modified planks - I find that my wrists give out before my core doing regular planks - as long as your body is straight I think the effects are as good as a standard plank.

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1/9/14 1:49 P


If you find holding a full plank on your hands, then you might try doing a modified plank resting on your forearms. a modified plank might be a better pose to ease you into a core workout.

Do you have access to a bench or coffee table ? When someone tells me they have a problem doing military style pushups, I suggest doing "military" style on a bench. Putting your body at an angle helps reduce stress. So try doing a plank on a bench. As you get stronger, you start lowering the bench until you're doing plank on the floor.

Are you doing any push ups ? If you want a strong core, you should consider adding exercises to strengthen your upper body. If you have weak shoulders, plank won't be easy. So, you might add exercises like chest press, push ups, shoulder press, lateral raises, etc.

Mostly, if you want to be able to do good plank, three words.

practice practice practice.

If you keep doing it, you will get stronger with time and regular practice.

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1/9/14 1:03 P

leg raises, v- ups, i do core strength on my exercise ball (kneel in front of ball, place hands in center, roll ball out without moving knees. i hold for 5 or so seconds then come back up to starting position)

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1/9/14 12:57 P

you sohould try adding 5 seconds each time to your plank. Exercises that strengthen your back will also help.

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1/9/14 12:55 P

Hi I am just beginning again and want to get my core strong. I have a hard time doing planks for more than 10 seconds at a time....any suggestions for specific workouts to get more core stronger so I can last longer than 10 seconds lol....I am doing crunches, any other suggestions? Thanks!

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