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4/19/14 7:09 P

Yeah, moving it is generally good, as it increases blood flow to the area which helps the recovery process.

But really loading it up at this stage is a different matter.

CTUPTON Posts: 15,011
4/19/14 12:55 P

Thank you all!!!! emoticon

My surgeon actually told me to keep moving my arm and bad shoulder. If I don't use it, it will become frozen shoulder. But.... moving it and using it in core exercises are two different things. They gave me plenty of PT type exercises for it.

Belly dancing! emoticon emoticon I had not thought of that in awhile! And I will check through th eother things you all have suggested.

I do appreciate all of your ideas. chris

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4/12/14 9:10 P

Have you checked out Coach Nicoles' Seated Core video? You can probably modify the moves to protect your shoulder....
Another option: if your Doctor will be referring you to Physical Therapy following the surgery, could you ask to meet with PT's now to address this issue...?
All the Best,

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4/12/14 7:29 P

How about reverse crunches, airplane pose, pendulums?

Demos of these (and others) can be found at

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4/12/14 4:49 P

If your doctor has given you the all clear to exercise (as long as it doesn't involve the shoulders) how about belly dancing ?

There are belly dancing moves that will give you a very strong core without involving the shoulders. at least, you'd just need to be careful with arm movements. I recommend belly dancing as a great core workout if a person can't do yoga or pilates because of an injury.

You have to have good muscle control to do this.

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CTUPTON Posts: 15,011
4/12/14 3:46 P

I need a left shoulder replacement due to bone damage by arthritis.
I have been doing water aerobics for over 5 years but I'd like to target my abdominals and core.

Many of the land exercises involve the shoulders. Wall pushups are the worst exercise for me. Anything that raises my arms is very, very painful on the left shoulder.

I love exercising in the water. But if you have land exercises for me, I'd like to try some specifically for the core.

Thanks, chris

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