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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
9/24/12 8:18 A

I have heard that to heat your body burns more calories, so we burn more in the winter. Maybe that is just b.s, but if true, it might explain why I eat a higher fat, more caloric diet when the mercury drops.

BECCA324 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/23/12 6:41 P

Cooler weather definitely makes me want to eat more. It's that hibernation instinct that we all have. Winter is coming so we need to start eating. I do love the smell of stews and on a cold day, it seems to make the day warmer.

SONICB Posts: 4,372
9/23/12 4:45 P

Cooler weather always makes me crave creamy soups and comfort foods like salisbury steak and mashed potatoes. I always weigh a few pounds heavier in the colder months.

Stick to preparing these calorie-dense foods at home so you can control how much butter, cream, etc. goes in. You can create healthier versions of your favorite foods to satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your diet. There are great recipes on

GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
9/22/12 8:08 P

It hasnt affected me yet, but it still might, so I hope to stay on top of it. However I know in years past, I would. I use to eat like I was getting ready to crawl in my cave and hibernate till spring. emoticon

SENIORSWIMMER SparkPoints: (19,864)
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9/22/12 1:25 P

Thank you for the info! I will check the peppermint tea. I imagine it's a good one for me to use. Right now I'm only drinking 2-3 cups a week, but I can see myself drinking 3-4 cups a day, if we have a hard winter. I'm so cold natured. Just finished lunch. The tortilla soup was AWESOME. I used an idea from the message board thread multi-day cooking (something like that). Love this website. Again, thanks for the info.

VOLUBO SparkPoints: (0)
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9/22/12 12:37 P

When it gets over 80 I have a hard time eating anything; that’s when I usually start eating junk, because I eat out of the cafeteria at work when I finally get really hungry. So once it starts cooling off I eat more because I eat better food, I just make sure to eat better quality food. Eating to stay warm makes sense if you think of it this way: your body has to work to digest food, so when it works your core body temperature raises slightly which makes you feel warmer. Again, richer foods raise you temps higher which is why you crave them when it’s cold out.

Studies done with horses show that when they are fed high grain diets in the winter, their core body temps raise about 5 degrees for about 20-30 minutes (because grain is hot & is easily digested). However, when fed high hay diets with little grain their core temps only raise about 1-2 degrees but stay that way for up to 4 hours. That is because hay is ruffage, which digests slower, which makes their digestion work harder for longer time.

Herbal tea can be used to partially take the place of water, just make sure the herb you use does not counteract any medication you take or is causing you a health problem. Some herbs lower the effectiveness of certain drugs & some can cause severe health problems. For example, red clover, chamomile & cayenne are just a few that are blood thinners, so if you drink/eat much of these you may notice more bruising or not clotting quickly if cut. A friend of mine went into the hospital twice for severe nose bleeds; both times he quit bleeding by the next day & was released, only to start bleeding again in a few days. When I went through his supply of herbal teas I found almost all had a side effect of thinning the blood. Once he stopped drinking so much herbal tea he stopped bleeding. Many herbs have a side effect of blood thinning, so it is important to carry a list of any you take, eat or drink in case you are in an accident. For any questions I recommend holistic online .com and webmd (search herbs); both will tell you what different herbs are good for, webmd is good for giving you interactions.

Try to drink room temp/hot green tea. Most soups are great for your health & the cold! Tortilla soup sounds really good right now. Actually, I think I am going to make some chicken veggie soup right not. I got hungry writing this!

SENIORSWIMMER SparkPoints: (19,864)
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9/22/12 10:15 A

It's cooler again this morning (but the high today will be 75). I have a crockpot of tortilla soup cooking for lunch. It makes the house feel warm and cozy. It also smells great.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (205,136)
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Posts: 9,249
9/21/12 9:37 P

cooler weather certainly makes me want different foods, but not more. I look forward to making soups, stews, casseroles, and find them much more satisfying than salads.

SENIORSWIMMER SparkPoints: (19,864)
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Posts: 331
9/21/12 8:43 P

Thank you for the support. The weather warmed up here, so I have had a break. We are having some beautiful fall days - cool in the morning, but warm in the afternoon and evening. I really like the idea about the room temperature water. I will give it a try. Thanks again for your comments.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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9/18/12 6:58 P

It's always harder for me when the weather gets cooler too.... I especially crave baked items (cookies, cakes, etc) a lot more.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
9/18/12 6:52 P

That's actually perfectly normal- or so I'm told. Apparently, wanting to eat more during the cooler months is part of our natural body chemistry. Maybe it's our bodies wanting us to fatten up for the winter when hunting is more scarce.

There's no problem with drinking tea instead of water (especially herbal tea), but I find it's still hard for me to get enough water in the winter even with tea. As the weather cools down, try drinking room temperature water and see if it helps.

Go right ahead with richer foods. This is a good time for thick crock pot stews and chillis (filled with tons of fiber-rich vegetables).There's no reason to deprive yourself until November!

SENIORSWIMMER SparkPoints: (19,864)
Fitness Minutes: (10,157)
Posts: 331
9/18/12 6:32 P

I want to eat more when the weather turns cooler. Is anyone else like this? I notice the difference almost every year, and I'm REALLY noticing it this year. The last few weeks were so nice. The cravings were subsiding. Now, they are back with a vengence. The last two days I've been over my calorie limit - not by a lot. But I'm enough over, I'll probably just maintain my weight this week. I'm very cold natured, even though I'm heavy. Is part of it that I'm eating to keep warm? That doesn't make too much sense to me. I have noticed I'm having trouble getting 8 glasses of water in each day. That was not a problem when it was 105. I seem to be abandoning the water in favor of hot herbal tea. The kinds of food I am wanting to eat are different too. I'm longing for the richer, heavier, stuff. I will let myself have some of those Thanksgiving. Not now. Now, let's hope I can stick to that statement.

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