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12/31/12 7:32 A

I never cooked differently for my kids. If I am cooking healthy for me, they eat the same foods too. As Holly stated, you will be doing a good thing to feed them healthy as well.

Here is an article from SparkPeople in regards to feeding children:

At the bottom of that article, there is more information available. Hope this helps.


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12/30/12 12:43 P

First off, if you are following the spark plan the food is HEALTHY. just keep their portion sizes normal. Remember, if they are smaller kids their caloric needs are less due to their size. if they are teenagers add a healthy dessert for them.
You will be doing them alot of good feeding them good nutritious foods!!!
If you find they need more calories, add in smoothies, extra servings of fruit, veggies with dip, etc.

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12/30/12 10:14 A

I would like to start cooking 'my' meals for all of us but don't want my kids to lose weight as they don't need it. They aren't likely to eat huge portions and I don't want to fill them up on junk. How can I make sure they don't lose weight along with me? Thanks and good luck to all of you out there on this journey too!!

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