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9/19/13 12:22 P

Whatever you decide to do, when you get his cholesterol checked in 6 months, compare the numbers, and see if all the recommended changes are actually doing any good. I had high cholesterol, and was on Lovastatin, which is the same as Simvistatin, which they have given me interchangeably. I am diabetic, with CHF, so I was on a low fat, high fiber, moderate carb diet, of 1800 calories, and 1500 mg Na.

I will admit that I didn't follow it 100%, because the food on the diet triggered cravings, and I binged at times, but for almost 7 years I followed it 80% of the time. My cholesterol numbers didn't change at all.

I am not going to tell you what worked for me, because we are all different, except to say weight loss and exercise help everybody, and will probably have a greater effect than the type of diet you eat. I did lose 150 lbs, and walk 45 minutes a day now. I am now off my cholesterol meds with a low cholesterol, LDL, and tris, and a climbing HDL.

Just remember to see if the plan you are following gets you the results that you are looking for. I spent 7 years following their plan, with zero results.

I hope it works for your husband. My father had a stroke at 47, and recovered almost 100%, and ran his own business. Do everything they tell you to for 6 months, and hopefully the numbers improve dramatically.

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9/18/13 7:28 P

Mary, thank you so much! That was so helpful. I wrote it all down and stuck it to the fridge.

We're going to see the dietician tomorrow morning. :)

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9/18/13 5:10 P

I thank you as well MForet4. Good answer and it will help refresh my eating habits as well as a good list to send to my Daughter in Law as my son has heart problems as well as diabetes. For now I'll skip the mention of bread. I can see you gave a lot of thought to your answer! emoticon

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9/18/13 4:27 P

Thank you for sharing with us about your husband's health condition and also the lovely visual of your goals. My husband and I meet with cardiologists and hospital dietitians to reduce cholesterol because we both had heart-related surgeries and must keep a healthy diet and exercise program. After reading every statistically-based report I could find, including many from the medical field, I've changed my eating and cooking habits to . . .
1. Provide dried bean dishes 5x wk, (it's awesome the variety of beans and menus out there)
2. Make sure the majority of our breads and pasta are whole grain
3. Substitute olive oil for other fats whenever possible, averaging 1-2 Tablespoons per day. Always trim all visible fat from meats, even poultry (I remove the skin and the visible fat).
4. Reduce red meats (including pork) to less than a lb per week per person, less if possible
5. Keep "MyPlate" compliant, and at the same time enjoy each meal. I enjoy fresh fruit in attractive parfait dishes and try to include colorful veggies with each meal.
6. We've decided to keep favorite foods, but adapted them to healthy recipes. My husband loves gravy, so I make it with lots of spices, salt substitute, but a minimum of fat. It's GOOD.
Best wishes on your lifestyle changes. I'm sure your conscientiousness is already paying back big dividends. Thankfully, small daily efforts bring amazing results. --Mary

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9/18/13 11:32 A

Thank you. It was a sudden thing; all of his physicals and blood tests had been fine every year, and then this happened. He's only 45. I'm extremely proud of him and how seriously he's taking all of this and how hard he's working to be/stay healthy. I just want to do whatever I can to support him and make it easier.

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9/18/13 3:39 A

I am sorry that your husband's health isn't too good.

I ditto Becky's comments, including re the print-outs. She is speaking from a Dietitian point of view - I am speaking from a patient's. It worked wonders for me :-)


9/17/13 8:13 P

Be sure to add fiber to your nutrition tracker.
You may also want to print your food reports and take them to the dietitian appointment. This will help the dietitian in making additional suggestions and giving tips.


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9/17/13 7:15 P

Thank you so much for replying. We both use SP to track our food, and I've already been doing those things, so yay!

9/17/13 7:09 P

So sorry to hear of your husband's mini-stroke and wishing a speady recovery.
Also so glad to hear that you will be meeting with a Registered Dietitian soon!

For now, limit the amount of high-fat, fried, greasy foods in cream sauces and gravy.
Go for lean meats, lowfat dairy foods, and whole grains.
Fill 1/2 the plate with fruits and veggies.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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9/17/13 6:04 P

My husband had a mini stroke a month ago. He's been running between his neurologist and general practitioner ever since, getting various tests done. He has an MRI to look for vascular clots or weak blood vessels tomorrow morning.

Anyway, his cholesterol is high and he was put on simvastatin this weekend. He has been following a better diet and has been exercising more--he's working very hard to get himself as healthy as possible and stay that way. I do all the cooking in the house. He will be going to see a registered dietitian soon, but are there any particular foods I should help him avoid or include in his diet in the meantime?

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