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7/15/12 2:56 P

Not sure what your situation is but if you have a couple of friends that are in the same boat a fun thing to do is have a couple days a month where you get together and cook up a few meals and then split them. That way you can have your own homemade T.V. dinners that are much better for you than the store ones. Plus the fun of trying new dishes and being with friends makes it a win/win/win.

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7/10/12 8:43 A

I think there is a sparkteam for this topic! I'm cooking for two and have similar issues. I do the freezing/thawing thing and I know what you mean about getting tired of the same old stuff.

One thing that seems to help is to try to think of ingredients rather than whole dishes, and use up ingredients in different ways. So, for your example: I'd make the roasted veggie dish with half or one third of the ingredients, and refrigerate the remaining ingredients after chopping but before cooking. Then, the next night I could make a stir fry, but maybe leave out the tomatoes & the zucchini, and have it over rice or noodles with soy sauce. The next night, I could use the rest of the canned tomatoes to make a pizza sauce and make a pita pizza. I could use the remaining zucchini for zucchini muffins as long as I haven't put the wrong kind of spices on them.

Also, I end up adding ingredients to freshen a dish. Like my example above, I might add mushrooms to the pizza. Or I use leftover ingredients to top a leafy green salad.

7/9/12 2:44 P

Is anyone else cooking for one?

I find it difficult to cook for just myself. For example, I want to make a roasted veggie dish that includes a can of tomatoes, a squash, a zucchini, an eggplant, a bell pepper, and an onion. I can make this, but it's enough to feed a family! I don't want to cut the recipe in half, because then I'll have half of each vegetable laying around... and if I'm going to cook, I may as well cook it all at once! I try freezing leftovers, but I get tired of eating the same thing and end up with so many things in my freezer to eat. Plus, freshly cooked food just tastes better!

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make smaller portions?

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