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1/27/13 9:20 A

WillowyGirl had a good suggestion.
Use local foods and cooking methods - a good learning experience, I guess.
Research beforehand for techniques, perhaps

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1/27/13 6:03 A

You could look up wok cooking. It cooks at a very high heat over the stove, so maybe veggies might be ok? or you could look up what the local people eat and see what you can do to mimic that. Will you be in the city or in a rural area?

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1/27/13 5:49 A

Next month I will be traveling to China and was told that my cooking options are going to be very limited. First of all, for a couple of weeks I will only have a stove to cook with. (No microwave, oven, toaster, etc) I was also informed that eating vegetables is difficult, because they are hard to wash. I was just wondering what other people do when traveling for an extended period of time or if there are any recipe suggestions.


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