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1/27/13 9:40 P

Thank you TAMMYOKAHARA. emoticon

1/27/13 7:26 P

They are only zero calories and fat if you follow the directions on the back of the can. Also those tiny calories add up if you use this more than once per day.

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1/27/13 10:18 A

Thanks you very much LIMERCIER. emoticon

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1/25/13 1:40 P

I like to use Olive Oil cooking spray (any brand, I usually get whatever is least expensive).

I like it best because it has 0 calories of course, and because olive oil is one of those Healthy Fats that are good for you.

My second favorite is zero calorie butter flavored cooking spray because of the flavor.

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1/24/13 10:37 P

What is your favorite cooking spray and why?

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