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7/19/11 12:41 P

Well, our cooking mistakes haven't been very good lately. The spiked watermelon gelatin didn't jell, but what didn't hit the floor was still drinkable. The artichoke spread would probably be better if I ran it through the food mill and removed the artichoke bits.

I did put one can too many of dried rice into my latest beans and rice casserole, I'm tempted to put that mush into my bread machine to see if it's similar enough to a mochi-pounding machine.

I still haven't tried baking my bean and spinach dip to see if it would work as a stand-alone starch.

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7/18/11 2:03 P

While visiting my parents, I sorely missed my daily smoothie (which I normally make with frozen fruit, soy milk, flax and agave). Unfamiliar with my parent's cooking equipment, I grabbed the closest thing that looked like a blender, threw in some frozen strawberries, nonfat milk, oats and honey and started blending.

Well, it wasn't exactly a smoothie-- the whole concoction got much more whipped and looked instead like a strawberry mousse! I spooned it into a bowl, topped with more oats and had a yummy breakfast strawberry mousse.

What are your favorite cooking 'mistakes'? emoticon

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