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Posts: 252
1/28/13 12:31 P

You really need to think about what it is that makes you want them. Junk food tends to be something people put in there carts when they are hungry while shopping because it sounds sooo good. Dont go shopping hungry.

If you still put it in your cart even not hungry then take cash to the store. Only the cash that you will spend on healthy food for the week. If you know that you only have enough for the shopping list then even in desperation you will not put it in your cart because you have no extra money to cover it when you get to the check out line. OR you wont be able to make a meal for the week because you will be missing an ingredient. Either way in my experience embarrassment of going over your money is a good deterrent.

As for fats food is it because you are hungry and it is right there? If so have healthy snacks in the car. I always have luna bars because they store well, taste good low calorie keep me full and when the hunger stike and I am tempted to grab a burger I grab a bar from my glove compartment.

Is it a habit? If so stop taking your debit card with you when you leave the house. If the moneys not there you will not buy it. No matter how much you may want the delicious fries no money no food. .

Posts: 12,326
1/26/13 3:48 P

I live 115 miles away from the nearest fast food place. That nips it in the bud pretty quick!

Seriously, though, I didn't eat that kind of stuff before I moved, either. I think in order to make this work, you have to develop the attitude that some foods are for other people. Don't think, "I can't have fast food;" think, "I don't eat fast food." It might help to be snobby. Most of that stuff really doesn't taste that good. You can make better-tasting, better-quality food at home. In fact, the difference for things like baked goods is so huge that once you start cooking for yourself, you probably won't even be very tempted. I look at things like packaged cookies and just automatically think, "I should make something like that." I never even really consider buying it any more. (And then I go home and DON'T make it because I keep putting it off. Food snobbery and procrastination are a powerful combination!)

Posts: 13,503
1/26/13 2:00 P

I tell myself I can have it later. If it persists then I plan a day for it. Usually when that day arrives I don't even want it. If I still do then I have it, no guilt.

Posts: 4,947
1/26/13 12:55 P

This article might be helpful.

Dealing with Hunger and Food Cravings
Eat Better and Manage Your Weight without Deprivation

Coach Tanya

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
1/26/13 12:06 P

For me, once I started learning recipes that were delicious to make at home, I had little desire to have fast and junk food. I went from eating out 4-5 times a week to maybe once or twice a week, tops. I think that was the key to my success.

SparkPoints: (76,042)
Fitness Minutes: (55,680)
Posts: 3,391
1/25/13 9:29 P

Well, think back, what made you quit doing what you were doing the first time? Change those things. Don't bring junk food and fast food into your house, ever, and don't let others bring it in. You know what foods you really like, make sure you have low calorie versions of those foods in the house. Learn some new recipes, there are tons of recipes on this site. But also realize, it's a lifestyle change, and it won't happen overnight. Try a dietitian, that is what helped us, a professional that sees you face to face.

Posts: 5
1/25/13 9:24 P

Hey everyone! This is my second time back to SparkPeople, and I want it to be a successful one!

What are some things you do to control food cravings, such as fast food and junk food?

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