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Contraception weight issues?

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2/12/13 6:15 A

Hello all, I know there has been a similar discussion recently about weight gain when having implanon, however I want to ask a slightly different question. I've had the implant now for 2 years and have put on weight but probably because I've eaten too much and hardly exercised at all. For those that have been on a diet before and after the implant I'm wondering if it felt or was easier to lose the weight after it? I started my diet at the beginning of the year and lost my 11lbs really quickly and despite being obese, sticking to my calorie intake and over the last few weeks actually adding a decent amount of exercise in I haven't lost any more. I have decided to have the implant taken out as I've had other issues with it. I;m going to try and go without all contraception for now and give my body a chance to relax instead of putting excess hormones in it and see how the diet continues!

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