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ANARIE Posts: 13,184
2/23/13 10:06 P

I second Becky's suggestion to contact your county Cooperative Extension. Cooperative Extension is an agency created to help get information about university research in agriculture, horticulture, and home economics out to the general public. The agents are experts in their fields as applied to your EXACT location-- they'll know what seeds and soils you can get, what grows best in your exact climate, which nursery's plant starts are good this year and who had problems, and so on. They can save you a lot of frustration in trying to grow something that just won't do well where you live.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
2/23/13 9:39 P

I've done corn and beans in deep containers before. You have to be careful not to overcrowd the container, but there is nothing, NOTHING, like fresh off the stalk corn. Seriously.

And you can do them in the same pot as beans. You have to give the corn a head start, but beans or peas will climb up the corn stalk, and beans produce nitrogen in the soil which helps the corn to grow.

Best of luck!

ZORITSA Posts: 275
2/23/13 3:37 P

I've had good luck with cherry and other small types of tomatoes in containers...that and hot pepper plants of different varieties.I had a small thai plant that did great.I just wish I had saved some seeds from that one.

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2/23/13 1:37 P

Found a new container zucchini seed from Renee's Organix seed company. It does not sprawl all over but produces many small squash near the stem. A deep 14" pot is the minimum but bigger would be better. I'm going to try it on my patio.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
2/23/13 12:23 P

I've dug up most of my back yard for a garden. Unfortunately, since I live outside Chicago, I'm limited. I have permanent asparagus, strawberry, raspberry and herb beds and a little hoop house for early kale and greens. Lots more in the summer. Can't wait! Everything tastes so much better than in the store.

SARAHMO4 Posts: 335
2/23/13 11:59 A

Thanks, I have found 2 great articles. Apparently what material your container is, and even the color can affect plants and how they grow. Other things were self-watering containers, easy plants, and recommendation if soild and what to add or not add and how its helpful was great. The first one I found was good, the second was crazy informative, the lady clearly had a lot of experience. This was the most informative and helpful.

Here iss the first one I found:

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2/23/13 10:11 A

I do all my vegetables in containers. Some need more root depth than others. There's a very good book, "Bountiful Container" . I also reference on Bonnie Plant website or Google specific plants adding container to my search. I gladly share what we've learned .

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2/23/13 9:47 A

I always turn to my cooperative extension service for this type question.
Do a search and type in: container gardening, cooperative extension.

You will have access to numerous resources.

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/22/13 5:40 P

I did herbs in a big pot on my porch last year, and this year I'm going to try more with container gardening with veggies (probably tomatoes, zucchini, and red bell peppers... maybe other peppers like jalapenos too). I have a decent size backyard but it's all rocks (my boyfrend's brilliant idea to keep the yard low maintenance, before I moved in, yuck!) so container gardening is my only option. The biggest part of container gardening is making sure they get enough water (like daily), and that there's adequate drainage, and for veggies, good fertilizers (herbs not so much). My mom is an excellent gardener and she helped me put together my herb pot. We put some rocks (my whole backyard is smaller river rocks) in the bottom of the pot (it already had a hole too), then put in the soil. My pot was pretty large, about 18-24" wide and about 18-24" deep (sorry I'm at work so I can't go out and measure) and I put in 3 herb plants, rosemary, thyme, and flat leaf parsley and they seemed pretty happy as long as I watered them. We went away for a long weekend at the end of June and they all died because they didn't get water for a few days :( I replanted and they did fine til it got cold. I got the pot at Home Depot.

I've also seen online that people grow single veggie plants in those big 5 gallon buckets. You just have to drill holes in the bottom and then do the rocks for drainage.

A good site for you peruse is They have a ton of people on there who are gardening experts. You can also try visiting a local nursery, as the folks who work at those are generally more knowledgeable than those at Home Depot/Lowe's.

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SARAHMO4 Posts: 335
2/22/13 5:13 P

I am trying to figure out whether container gardening would be helpful if I try and do some small vegetables and possibly herbs this year. I live in an apt. complex and we can plant vegetables or flowers in our yards and I love that. I am thinking about doing container gardening to see if more types of plants other than vegetables would do well in containers. Being able to move them more when they mow the lawn is also helpful, they arent always the most careful when doing yard work. I will be tomatoes for sure and I would try herbs, but have never grown those before. I am hoping to do a little bit this year and more next if i am successful. If anyone has tried this or knows the basics about what plants work well, what type of pot, pail, conatiner should I use to grow them in, and how much space is needed for the plant and soil would be great!!

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