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7/2/13 10:34 P

Thank you all so much for your ideas. I will pass them along and hopefully he can figure something out :o)

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6/28/13 3:27 P

hard boiled eggs and pouch tuna or salmon. they make lower sodium versions of those now. Getting the thermos like they said below is a great idea. heat up leftovers in the morning and they will stay hot till lunch.

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6/28/13 3:11 P

As long as he has a cooler with a freezer pack, then any meat that you cook during the week can be used instead of deli meats. Sliced up left-over steak, chicken, pork, or roast can be used in sandwiches or salads. There are pouch packs of tuna available that he can open and use, too. The low-carb wraps are good, and can be alternated with quinoa salad, or barley salad, or whole-grain pasta salad ... well, you get the idea.

I like to saute mushrooms, onions, almonds, and spinach together to add to whatever type of salad that I make. I've found that even the non-fans of veggies enjoy these for the added flavour (as long as I don't add too much). A few slices of peppers or tomato or dill pickles are often ok with them, too.

If he prefers a creamy dressing, then make it with yogurt instead of mayo, and keep it packaged separately to be added when he eats. An oil/vinegar type dressing can be put on earlier (although I personally still prefer to add it later).

Soups in a thermos are great, and some of the wide-mouthed thermoses can be used just as easily for casseroles, or fritattas, or scrambled eggs so that he can have some variety.

One thing to watch for, though, is that he is getting enough salt. It's pretty easy to dehydrate when doing physical labour in high heat, and it really is important to have some sodium intake to help retain water. There are more issues than sodium in most deli meats, but don't be afraid of just the salt.

Another thought is that his "usual" lunch sounds pretty sparse to me, considering that he's working hard. You might want to think about adding in a couple more snack items (something with lots of protein and some fats: cheeses, nuts, whole grain crackers with hummus, even protein bars or home-made high protein muffins). This might help him feel better through the working day, and not be in danger of the night-time munchies.

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6/28/13 1:16 P

An insulated lunchbox and freeze pack are a great way to keep things cool. Instead of deli counter meat, what about using a rotisserie chicken to make up sandwiches with? Also fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas are very stable. For something totally different, take a look a frittatas or other baked cassseroles. I've found that they're ok after about 4 hours in a warm car and a great way to get protein and veggies in.

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6/28/13 1:13 P

get some of those ice packs that you can throw in his lunch box.

Non fat yogurt is great. If he likes fruit, throw what he likes in a baggie, already cut up or peeled so he doesn't have to deal with that.

On a Sunday, bake a lot of chicke breasts, and make sandwiches out of those. Put BBQ sauce, a little LF cheese or something like that on them. You can find low carb tortillas and they taste pretty good.

Does he like peanut butter? They have little To go peanut butters that are like one serving, and you can dip celery or an apple into it. Even whole grain crackers.

Is he drinking a lot of soda? Get him some crystal light packs for bottled water.

Baked chips, pretzels, and those Quaker popped rice cakes (I love the cheddar, kinda tastes like cheetoes) are really good, and low fat.

Use laughing cow light cheese on celery as well, or use it on a sandwich instead of mayo, or on a wrap.

I know he doesn't have a microwave, but if you leave a can of soup in a truck for a few hours, you don't need a microwave. ha! I like the reduced sodium tomato parmesan. it's not too laden with sodium and the can has a pull top lid.

ALternatives to bread, sandwich things, bagel thins.

Hope this helps!

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6/28/13 1:08 P

what about naked chicken nuggets? Bake a chicken breast, then chunk it up and eat it cold with honey mustard (or any flavored mustard)

Investing in a good thermos would be a great idea too. That way he can take soups, pasta, and other hot or cold foods and they will keep.

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6/28/13 12:51 P

I need some help for my husband.

He really needs to lose some weight but he is struggling with healthier lunch ideas. High cholesterol and high blood pressure run in his family even among the active and healthy weight individuals. His father just had a heart attack and now he is really getting frustrated. He is not sure what he can take for lunch that doesn't include high salt lunch meats.

He works outside everyday and does not have access to a microwave or refrigerator. He usually takes a lunch meat sandwich, yogurt, and apple. He is getting very tired of sandwiches, wraps aren't that much less carbs, and the lunch meat isn't great for him with the high sodium most of them have.

He needs to keep the sodium down. But he isn't a huge veggie person, so not sure what options to give him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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