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Great fact sheet from NIH.
Thanks for sharing BUNNYKICKS.

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Here's a really good article about it:

I learned something new today! Two types of Vitamin A exist - preformed (comes from animal products - meat, liver, dairy) and carotenoids (from plants). A reading of the above article would indicate that while you *can* overdo it on "preformed" Vitamin A, you can't really overdose on the Vitamin A that your body creates from plant pigments:

"Observational studies have suggested an association between high intakes of preformed vitamin A (more than 1,500 mcg daily—only slightly higher than the RDA), reduced bone mineral density, and increased fracture risk [1,4,37]. However, the results of studies on this risk have been mixed, so the safe retinol intake level for this association is unknown....

Unlike preformed vitamin A, beta-carotene is not known to be teratogenic or lead to reproductive toxicity [1]. And even large supplemental doses (20–30 mg/day) of beta-carotene or diets with high levels of carotenoid-rich food for long periods are not associated with toxicity."

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I get that too but on my daily feedback it says not to worry about it. It says that your body will only absorb what it needs if you get it from vegetables. I don't supplement either.
Correction: The body will only turn it into vitamin A if it needs it.

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In evolution class we learned about how eating way too much vitamin A can kill you, as if you ate a predator's liver, for example, and you would grow extra bone deposits. Ack!

I am finding that due to my high vegetable intake (I assume?) I am consistently over my RDA in A; at least 250 (%? mg? This is one limitation of the tracker; no units given!), even days with no orange veggies (those days are more like 600).

I am typically not supplementing with vitamins (very occasionally I'll take a food-based multi).

Should I be worried?

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