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3/26/13 4:51 P

I work the night shift and I lately I have not been recording as I should. I am trying to make an effort to get back into recording. Since I have not been recording, I have gained weight and this is makes me a little unhappy. Time to get my act together !

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3/26/13 2:31 P

Trust me, you are NOT alone in this.

For me, it's water, because my water drinking is based around my work schedule, which obviously is completely thrown off on weekends!!

I agree that it COULD being slowing progression for anybody since it's almost a third of your week (two days).

My first thought would be, what about setting a SPECIFIC time, just once on Saturday and once on Sunday, to record everything?

Hope this helps!! Good for you on catching a problem area and reaching out to help resolve it!!!


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3/26/13 2:21 P

Am I the only one who does great all week long and then fails to record nutrition and exercise over the weekend? I feel like this is keeping me from progressing!

Any tips out there to help over come this?


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