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2/25/12 8:49 P

Ok exercise update. So far I am on a roll.
Day 1: 30 mins with weights
Day 2-no workout
Day 3-walk/run/weights-60 mins
Day 4(Saturday-yeahhhhhh) 30 mins just dance
0 Alcohol consumption is on a 4 day streak
Food is okay still need to add in snacks and more fruits and veggie-did a 1 day streak but not tight enough. I realize it's the one thing that's lacking to see some movement weight wise.
H2o- been drinking up to 6 cups-not enough for my weight. So something to aim towards next week.
All in all the habits are forming and I love it.
So the plan for next week-
Continue 1-4 and add in meditation and sleep.
Hoping to weigh in by the end of the month and see movement.
Next week is fish week.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,060
2/25/12 12:24 P

emoticon Don't quit. That is all that matters.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
2/23/12 10:23 A

Great, I love it, we can definitely motivate each other to keep going. And I love mini challenges to break down my goal into manageable pieces.
So Day one went well.
No alcohol, 30 mins of interval training, drank about 40 ozs of water:( and ate vegetables with all 3 meals.
For today I'm aiming to eat up to 5 small meals with a fruit or veg in each,do 45 mins cardio,drink more water and take it easy-been way too stressed lately.
Meal plan today: will enter it into the counter later

B:2 eggs fried
1/2 cup cooked spinach
1/2 tangerine

snack:banana,yogurt,almond butter shake

1/2 cup quinoa and shrimp(8 med)
1/2 cup frozen beans, corn mix
1/2 cup 1% milk

S2: 1/2 cup-9 bean soup

Meat sauce (chicken and pasta sauce with veggies)
whole wheat pasta
salad with lettuce and zucchini and mushrooms-balsamic vinaigrette

Well that's where it stands

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2/22/12 8:42 P

Seeing your post me make lent plan. I will post think and post on to my journal. LOVINMY, You can do this. Let's encourage each other for the Lent challenge.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
2/22/12 7:32 P

Thank you girl emoticon .
Today I ate well again-yeah-but I suspect I am under eating-which is never good.
Because whole grains are so filling I tend to leave out the snacks and therefore miss out on stuff like dairy etc.
Come next week(planning it into my grocery shopping) I will add more almond milk, cheese etc.
As for exercise the plan is to do a lot of cardio an dome weight training. Been having a hard time getting back on the treadmill-kinda boring but I'll get there.
Tonight I still have to do something-probably from
Otherwise the plan is to give up alcohol for lent(starting today)
Lent-wise living: 1) no alcohol, 2) 5 servings veg+ fruit, 3)180 mins workout, 4) 64 oz h2o
Day one-

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2/21/12 8:53 P

woohoo for you eating and workout habit while you was away. I was kind of worried about you. I am happy to see your post. I was missing you a lot. emoticon emoticon

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
2/21/12 8:49 P

Hey Never, sorry I just dipped(as my kids would say) had to go away to a funeral and it was kind of last minute. You would be so proud of me. I took advantage of the warm weather to walk for miles with my hubby and eat less-loads of fruits and veggies. I can see that I dropped a lil size and really wanted to weigh when I got back yesterday but my scale's battery is dead. Either way I'm glad to be back and into my routine. Tonight I'll do some yoga cause I'm as stiff as a board. Otherwise tomorrow I'll do a regular day(had to organize homeschool today).
Thanks for looking out for me tho-much appreciated. emoticon

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2/16/12 9:56 P

Hi, how are you?? i haven't seen you here and wondering about you???

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2/11/12 8:27 P

Hello emoticon How are you?? I am worried about you? I hope everything is alright in your side. emoticon

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2/5/12 8:42 P

Sorry about death in your family. emoticon

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
2/5/12 6:51 P

Weekend check in: So it's been rough. After the last workout came upstairs and got the wind knocked out of me with the report of a death in the family.
So no workout Friday, cleaned my whole house Friday night and didn't eat any junk, but didn't eat enough. Saturday had visitors,ordered pizza for the kids-didn't eat it. Went out with friends, had 1/2 of fish and chip dinner, drank a bit, danced all night.
Slept in today.
Plan for Feb 6-11
1.Workout for over 200mins
2.Cut down on carbs and ramp up the vegetable and fruit intake
3.Get 7 hours of sleep
4. meditate for 15 mins/3*this wk
Time to lose some weight

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LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
2/2/12 9:58 P

I realized that my scale was the thing that threw me off yesterday. The wise weight loss experts say not to measure success by the scale and they are so right. I was happily going along till my scale told me I had gained 3 lbs. No freaking way!!! So I spent the day moping yesterday and almost continued down that path today but nooooooooo way.
Got off my butt and worked off the oatmeal cookies I had eaten.
Trying to get my water in still.
Month 2-day 2-check

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2/2/12 12:19 P

LOVINMY, IT's ok we all get those days. Tomorrow is another day. Try to relax and enjoy your day today.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
2/1/12 9:57 P

Not such a good day, eating's off, no exercise, nothing's happened, just an off day.
Tomorrow, another day GW, so will have to pick it back up.
Goals this month:
1. 900 fitness minutes(45 mins day/5 *wk)
2. measure food portions
3. Cut down salt
4. Get 7 hrs sleep per night
GW: Feb 29-172 lbs- emoticon
Much love

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LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/31/12 12:21 P

Thanks Nevergiveup. The feeling is mutual.
Well I got it in early today. Actually got on the mill before the kids got up-oh yeah, been wanting to do that for years!!! emoticon
Walked 3 miles today in 45 mins and did 15 mins yoga for weight
Eating is going well: Had egg white and 1 small whole egg scramble on whole grain bread with blueberries and strawberries and green tea-no sweetener.
Snack is fibre one cereal and almond milk
Lunch- homemade burgers with lettuce, tomatoes jalapeƱo and mustard-ww bun
Dinner- salmon, brown rice and salad greens/roasted veggies
snack 2: banana and grapes
water yesterday was 10 cups-aiming for the same today.

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1/30/12 9:59 P

LOVINMY, I am proud of you. You are doing really good. Keep up the good work.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/30/12 6:08 P

Hallelujah-workout is done for today. 1 hr of running, walking an dbetter body after Man I surely don't love working out but I love the feeling of accomplishment.
Eating has been going really well today-and water consumptions. Man I love Mondays!!! emoticon
Here's to an alcohol free week for me, no more 2 glasses of red per night emoticon

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LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/28/12 1:05 P

Ok, so stopping by to keep accountable:
Foods eaten today:
B:oatmeal, fruit and almond milk shake
S: 1 medium tim hortons coffee
L: cheese and carrot spread on ww english muffin
S: 1/2 mc wrap and 1/4 small fries-Mcdonalds
D-2 tb eaten still: roasted chicken, asparagus, beets and sweet potato oven fries
S:whole wheat nachos and salsa

No workout today-rest day

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/28/12 4:33 A

It's early Sat morning and I'm cooking and prepping meals for next week. Obsess much you would say, lol. It's far from that crazy. See I use to spend Friday nights drinking and eating cheesy whole wheat nachos smothered in cheese and veggies. But tonight I'm preparing for more than my monday morning teaching.
This is some journey- it's my life. And so I'd better give it the same effort I'd give to a job, relative or friend.This is finally about finding true success and so I am taking small steps towards huge changes. I was late working with my 9th grader, using the same principle I use on the treadmill, I ended up here, early Saturday morning munching on unsalted oven roasted peanuts and planning my next week of workout time.
Plan to do 600 mins this wk of fitness to add to yearly total.
Week 3-day 5 fitness
Week 2-day 5 food
Weight same-180.2
apparent inches lost :)-didn't measure
Meals ate Friday was close
1/3 homemade philly cheese steak
1 yogurt
1/2 grapefruit

Beef stir fry with 1/2 cup brown rice+ ice tea

mini whole grain roll
1/2 roasted beet

3 oz pan fried cat fish-breaded
1/2 cup chick pea salad

1/2 cup beef stew
8 cups water

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1/26/12 8:54 P

I like your idea of meal plan in writing. I am going to do that too. Thank you for sharing. My weekend is very very busy but i will manage some how to eat clean.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/26/12 8:12 P

Another day done-week 3, day 4 is out of the park.
60 minutes today-45 minutes cardio, 15 minutes upper body training.
Let me tell you how much I love black women do workout-I just go there when I don't have the desire to workout and I get so pumped it's insane.
Check it out if you haven't yet ladies.
Ate well today(except I keep missing snacks-adding that as a goal.)
This weekend I'm planning to eat healthy.
Friday Meal plan:
B:oatmeal,pumpkin shake (made with almond milk)
snack:pineapple slices
L: homemade roast beef sandwiches + iced green tea
snack:yogurt and walnut + green tea
D: Oven fried catfish with sweet potato wedges and chick pea salad

B:stewed Liver with 1 cup green banana pieces green tea
S1:coffee(will be on the road)
L:veggie burrito green ice tea
S2: yogurt and fruit
D: chicken and vegetable soup

B: oatmeal with walnuts and fruit+ coffee
L: stewed beef and beans with brown rice
D:cheese and pepper sandwiches with milk
Des: frozen yogurt

I am praying that I can keep on top of this because weekends tend to be extra busy.

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1/25/12 8:49 P

I am so proud of your self. I am glade you didn't miss your workout.

MARYSSEAMAN SparkPoints: (3,122)
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1/25/12 8:35 P

I love it when I just go ahead and work out. At the end you actually feel better. Funny how that works. You should be proud of yourself!

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/25/12 8:16 P

Thank you Never.
Soooooo today I was so sure I wasn't going to work out-all kinds of craziness going on(plus TOM and achy), but when I wrote that to my FB workout buddy I felt so bad I actually went straight downstairs to the treadmill and ran a mile and walked another. Thank you Lord!!! I ate well today-even though I didn't eat enough, will have to add that in as a goal for next week. Tonight I think I'll treat myself with some yoga. I love myself today. TYL emoticon
Week 3,day#3-done

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1/24/12 12:37 P

I like your today's meal choices. Keep it the good work. I know when you eat clean you tend to spend more money on grocery. I figured this i can spend money on clean eating than those darn doctor and hospital bills. Keep doing what you are doing.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/24/12 12:05 P

Haha, reading this now is funny as I completely forgot the squash-go figure!!!!
I spent over $300 at the grocery store yesterday-whoa!!!! But now I have great, healthy food to nourish my body and help me recover from my workouts.
Today my weight's showing 179 but I'm not changing the ticker till Friday-maybe by then I'll be at 178 or something.
Today is my weight training day-not so sure what I'm planning to do yet. But it will be a hard one as I am working my way up to p90x standard.
What to do, what to do, we'll see by later what I end up doing.
Food for today: egg white and broccoli omelette with green tea, snack:yogurt and walnuts,lunch:turkey sandwich, snack:peach and almond milk-.5 cup, dinner: steamed fish with roasted vegetables and quinoa.
workout: week 3-day# 2
Food: week 2-day#2
Ok off I go to enjoy the day.

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LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/23/12 4:10 P

Party Friday was awesome, ended eating a little and doing some Just dance on wii, yeah. Saturday was a baby shower and I ate a little there too(but had had a bit of cake). No workout. Sunday didn't eat enough or well.
Today-2.5 miles walk on 5% incline-370 calories-eating well and feeling good. Blood pressure is down to almost normal-yeah!!!
Now grocery shopping-adding in a lot of squash into my diet this week.
Have a great one.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/20/12 1:02 P

Thanks dearie.
So today is going well so far-aimed to run for 15 mins but actually did 20. Covered 1.5 miles in that time and walked another .5 mile. Now I'm making lunch penne pasta with chicken and those fabulous dried wild mushrooms we found at costco with a lil low cal alfredo and jalapeƱos-yummers. My son loves all things Italian so it's in honour of his birthday.(Only healthier)
Feeling really great right now so off to clean my house, make pizza dough and my famous-among my family members anyway-meatballs and burgers. My sons are gonna be in heaven.

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1/20/12 7:45 A

emoticon for your weight lose emoticon emoticon

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/20/12 12:59 A

Well I am learning what it really means to take it one day at a time. I had 3 phenomenal days and now today I was unmotivated!! Could have to do with the fact that I was sitting at my desk all day trying to get invoices sent and school work marked ALL DAY emoticon
Anyway, around 11pm baby was still up so I decided to use him as my weights-all 17lbs!! Only did 10 mins full body but was glad to do something anyway. My eating is good but today I had 2 glasses of red wine and only 2 cups of green tea.(Humph)
One day at a time.
The good news is I weighed today and I'm down 2 lbs from my weight on here(but 5 lbs from my post Christmas weight, I hadn't changed my ticker). So yeah me.
Okay,Ds1 turns 15 tomorrow so because he wants to be a chef it's going to be a cooking marathon after I'm done school. Not looking forward to it but happy to do it for him-oxymoron much-lol
Anyway, will try for tomorrow to be on schedule. Trying to do a 15 min run to make up for lost time today.
Anyway, not too unhappy with my progress so far to be honest-one day at a time I guess. Now off to bed , snuggle, snuggle folks emoticon

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LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/18/12 12:21 P

Thanks for the info Nevergiveup, will have to switch to Stevia instead.
Well, this morning was a tough one to get started, I didn't sleep very well, then baby woke up extra early for playtime and wouldn't go back to sleep-arghhh!! Needless to say I had a headache and was less than enthusiastic about working out. After my 2nd cup of coffee and over an hour of delaying the inevitable, I finally put my shoes on and dragged my butt downstairs. I started off with a walk, then went into my run. About 3 mins in I felt like I was literally going to die. I could not understand why this was so as I'd done this run a number of times before and hadn't felt like this. When I checked the screen, I discovered I had been running on a 5% incline for the past 3 mins. No wonder. The run after that was a breeze, I could have gone on but didn't to keep it at the level I had originally intended.
So though physically I feel somewhat crappy(coughing and pukey) , mentally I feel fabulous for the accomplishment.
Now to have my open face tuna sandwich and green tea-yum.
Have great day .

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1/17/12 7:48 P

LOVINMY30S, One advise for you, if you don't mind. Try to avoid artificial sugar too. Those make your body more harm than sugar.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/17/12 7:33 P

Righty-o, I ate very well today-no added sugar(3 tbsp splenda in my teas and coffee) instead.
Had turkey sausage and pigeon peas with sweet potatoes for lunch. Brown rice and green thai curry skate for dinner-all home cooked. Later, yogurt and walnuts for dessert-yeah!!
Not sure if the portions are right but will work on that next week-GW.
Tonight a lil yoga maybe, emoticon

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/17/12 12:08 P

No worries love this is a journey emoticon
Another lovely start to the day-got in coach Nicole's 20 minute dumbbell workout, 25 mins walk on the mill. About to go have poached eggs with ww bread and salad-yum

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1/17/12 7:29 A

Thank you so much i feel lot better now.

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1/16/12 2:55 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon I haven't done my workout for today yet. But i will soon as hubby come home i am going to the gym with him.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/16/12 11:45 A

Here we go, this week is starting off beautifully. I set my alarm, woke up but stayed in bed for an extra 20 mins just breathing and meditating on beautiful things. Next I woke up read my inspiration book while I had coffee(sweetened with splenda and creamer) and played with the baby. After he went back to bed, I headed to the basement, water in tow and did my 30 mins. Out of that came a 3/4 mile run(which I'm sure is more than a kilo- emoticon ). Next I did coach Nicole 's 10 min crunch less ab workout. I had breakfast whitefish steamed with tons of veggies(brussel sprouts, carrots, peppers and squash)-double yum,a 3rd cup of h2o and a cup of green tea. Wow, if I wasn't there I wouldn't believe my good behaviour but I have a 3 week goal to lose 3-6 lbs. While lowering my blood pressure and adding a few months to my life:) Here's to hoping the rest of the week goes just as well if not better.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/13/12 1:28 P

Thanks guys, Never you can do it, adding in walking will help your journey, consistency is key. yesterday, did a 15 min mom and baby-16 week old is clingy and cranky now emoticon
So it's crazy hard to get on the mill. However pushing forward with workouts regardless. No weightless yet(of course not-I haven't been doing the best food wise).
Onward I go with a challenge for myself this weekend: Between Fri and Sun work out at least 2 days and then rest one. We'll see how exactly that plays out because weekends are the busiest times here.
Have a great day all,

1/12/12 1:03 A

@LovinMy30s ....

here's a motto you might like ~ i see it everytime i go to LA Fitness

Never Let Weakness Convince You That You Lack Strength!

I like that so much, I'm making a poster for myself & putting that on it in the fitness room I'm making complete with the former clothes storage rack (aka treadmill).

Just because you might mess up here or there as long as you get back on track, you will be successful & from what I'm reading of your posts, you seem to be hanging in there.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/11/12 8:37 P

You are doing good with your streak keep it up. I like your mantra. so motivational. Let me know how was the book. Than may be i read that book too.

I need to add walking in my workout. My goal is to walk every day 1 mile. my plan is to start running by summer. I need to start c25k.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/11/12 7:27 P

Thanks Nevergive up
Day 2 in my streak-Jan 11-30 mins (mom and baby) and Pilates. Trying to do 5 day streaks per week for a total of 20 days each month.
Also training for a 20 min run on Feb 29th with my teenaged son emoticon
So I find I have to struggle like crazy to get my workouts in-seems like there are a thousand obstacles in my way(humph) , either way I am determined to get it in-reading "the Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy" and seeing how serious being overweight is has me motivated to save my life. Why should I slowly commit suicide?
My mantra is: "my body is strong and my mind is stronger, I can do whatever I set my mind to."
Plan: Wake, get dressed in workout clothes, get coffee, get to my workout-no matter what.
Long term motivation- immersing myself in spark people everything:-)

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1/10/12 12:55 P

It's ok if you slip a little, as long you can get back on track. emoticon emoticon

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/10/12 11:57 A

So the weekend monster took over and sadly I did not do too well. Here's how it all went down:
Friday-Jan 6-double date with friends-danced in heels-2hrs + emoticon
ate junk and drank too much wine
Saturday-Jan 7-no exercise-ate more junk
Sunday-Jan 8-slept in-ate 1 large meal, no exercise
Monday-Jan 9-no exercise, 2 meals, 2 coffees(i see a very bad pattern emerging)
Tuesday-Jan 10-woke up-coffee-50 mins exercise(finally) 1/2 k run, walked 13/4 k, 10 mins stretch for runners emoticon

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1/6/12 7:56 A

emoticon emoticon I am so proud of you.

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/6/12 1:26 A

After this last post I realized I was cheating myself and decided to search for some form of free yoga online. I used to visit yoga a lot, but now nothing is free there unless you subscribe, so instead I found 55 min free hatha yoga with a lady with the gentlest voice and instruction method-just what I needed. And so on my home office floor with my husband watching mma in the background, I zoned out and enjoyed my workout, with my beautiful body bending into very comfortable poses. Sheer bliss!!
You see, i won't cheat myself anymore, that's what this journey is about. I enjoy the feeling working out gives me, I enjoy the mindset, now all I need to work on is the anger I feel when my hubby(with his non working out and guilty as hell behind) tries to sabotage by making as much noise as possible or cluttering the treadmill(despite me saying I am now using it for more than storage). By God I will prevail,and the woman I am supposed to be will triumph,I have no doubt.I will run GW, and pursue a lifestyle of wellness and peaceful meditative living.
Here's to you and finding your bliss, regardless of the obstacles or should I say hub-stacles in your way. emoticon

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LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/6/12 12:13 A

Okay so day 3-no workout. Shucks!! I used to force myself to do something, just so I could post-today I didn't. I was just plain tired and accepting that such is life with a new baby, 3 other kids and housework. Tomorrow a double shot before I meet up with friends maybe-I hope. Off to bed early tonight I suppose.
Will add tomorrow after 60 min workout.Fingers xed.
Blessings emoticon

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/5/12 10:48 A

Nevergiveup-thanks alot emoticon
Chesire I hear you. I know I can do it, and together we can keep each other accountable. Let's do this girl emoticon

PENNYLANE78 Posts: 422
1/4/12 8:26 P

I know just how you feel! I'm the same way!! I either start to fast/not fast enough and then end up quitting. I have to say seeing some of success stories and people who have posted their yearly results have really helped me want to stay motivated...I mean, if the can do it, why not us, right? Good luck with your journey!! emoticon emoticon

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1/4/12 7:14 P

Slow and study win the race. emoticon emoticon

LOVINMY30S Posts: 1,223
1/4/12 6:11 P

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Actually, I thought that yesterday as I began my serious workout commitment, it has been over 18 months since I really worked out. Between school and a new baby, I have made no move toward fitness in a while. Now baby is 4 months old, school's done and I cannot wait another year or more to get into working out. All I intend to do for the next 30 days is to get on the treadmill for 30 mins. Sounds easy but for me consistency is the hardest thing. I either start too hard and then quit or start too slowly and then quit, either way I end up quitting-not this time.
So yesterday with my determination in tact,I got dressed in my too tight exercise gear,headed down to my crowded, dingy basement where my treadmill is stached and removed all the crap crowding it, then dusted off some of my old Irun magazines and set the timer for 30 mins. Knowing how easily I get bored, I allowed myself room to try running. Following is a report of what transpired as I attempt to develop a serious fitness personality especially as it pertains to running:
Jan 3-Day 1-30 mins -ran at 4.5 for 2mins(panting after 1.5 mins but pushed to 2)-seriously overweight and out of shape:( Walked at 3.6, 5%incline for the rest)
Jan 4-Day 2-30 mins-ran at 4.6 for 3 mins, walked the rest-slowly, slowly-lol
Tomorrow God willing, I will post my results.

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