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Subtracting exercise from food tells you nothing useful.

What you need to do is add exercise to BMR + daily activity, and subtract your goal deficit from that.

Your BMR is 1,600. Add about 20% for day to day general activity and that's 1,920. Add exercise of 500/day and you have total burn of 2,420.

A daily deficit of 1,000 would mean eating at 1,420. On average, of course, you wouldn't aim for such a specific value every single day. :)

But then, I'm not sure that your 2lb/week is a reasonable goal. The less there is to go, the slower the body wants to lose it. Generally think in terms of around 3% of what's left to go. With 50lbs excess, that's 1.5lbs per week, or a daily deficit of 750, or an intake of 1,670.

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4/28/13 9:14 P

I lost 2 lb a week, from 260# to 180#. I did that without exercise except walking about 30 minutes a day and minor other things.

I weighed myself with a scale accurate to 1/2 lb daily, recorded my minimum weight. I plotted it on a graph and made sure I stayed under my target line. Not easy - I had to get pretty ruthless about it at times.

I didn't count calories so much as weigh myself.

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Hey guys I'm a little new with this so bear with me. (I joined sparkpeople in January but failed to keep up and I am now starting my weight loss journey again)
So I am trying to lose 40-50 pounds of body fat. I am hoping to lose about 20 of that by the end of June, which totals in at about 2 pounds per week. I have found out that to do that I need to get a calorie deficit of 1000. I have been doing that for 5 days by burning 500 calories and eating 1200 calories a day. I thought that this was all too it but now I'm aware of "net calories" which is eating back your calories. So if I am correct that is like eating 1700 and burning 500 to get back to 1200? So what is the point of excercising, couldn't I have simply just ate 1200? Help!
Is eating 1200-1400 and burning 500 cal a day ok?
I am 5'8, 165 pounds and 18 fyi

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