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3/26/12 1:08 A

Yes I have found discrepancies too. Sometimes an item is listed multiple times, if you click on nutritional info before adding it you can see the calories and find the right one. If it's within 5-10 calories I wouldn't worry about it too much.

GRAMMYNSC Posts: 669
3/26/12 12:52 A

I aways just input my items using what it says on the packaging...add to ur faves then if you eat it again you will know it's correct

peace and luv
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3/25/12 3:34 P

That's what I thought...the only concern I would have is that skim milk is a pretty common kind of beverage especially 8 ounces of the'd think that the master file would contain the best information for such basic things yet I still find differences when searching the internet...guess I shouldn't be so anal about it though.

Oh well.....

GRAMMYNSC Posts: 669
3/25/12 1:46 P

I find that all the the old version of the food tracker.....its still avail when your adding food.....hope you can find the icon to click for it....anyway if you use it there is a place where you can manually enter food....i use that and if there is some kinda issue with nutritional info being messed up....i just enter what i know is correct and save it to my favorites.....then i dont have to rely on other peoples mistakes to take me on the wrong track...
hope this has helped some
peace and luv
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3/25/12 1:23 P

Just joined a couple days ago and love this site. I am confused though about some of the nutrition information I find at times. For example the stats for a Jay Robb scoop of vanilla protein do not agree with what are written on the jug of the stuff? A second example would be the number of calories in 8 ounces of skim milk. Various internet searches produce all sorts of different values. What guidance can you all give me on making these things right?

Thanks in advance folks.


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