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10/5/13 7:47 P

Hi! Thank you for both for your responses. I get it now. I am going to leave my tracker as it is (not factoring in exercise) since I am really JUST getting started working out on a regular basis. Plus, I really want to learn how to build meals that are satisfying and stay withing my range of calories and nutrition.

Thank you again!

10/5/13 7:38 P

Don't be confused.
I would suggest that you continue with about that 1200-1550 calories daily.
See how you feel, your energy level, your hunger, and your weekly weight loss.

My professional guess is that it will work perfectly for you.

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10/5/13 7:16 P

There are two options on this site.

The old tracker allows you to enter the approximate amount of calories you burn per week into your "fitness setup" under your "My Fitness" tab. Entering the amount you burn per week will automatically adjust your calorie range.

The new tracker allows you to account for your activity level and automatically syncs the exercises you enter in your fitness tracker with your calories that day. I believe this option appears to be more appropriate for very active individuals and those in maintenance. Switching to this option will raise your calorie range on days you exercise more and lower it on days you don't.

You can toggle between the two options from your Start Page and Account/Email Preferences.

You can use the spark fitness tracker to guestimate how many calories you burn for a given exercise until you get a new battery. I would say for HIIT that the average amount of calories burned is 8-10 cals per minute.

I really like using the "daily calorie differential" option under "My Reports" to get a better idea of the calorie deficit I'm creating.

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KKIDDO Posts: 48
10/5/13 6:15 P

How do I know what my calorie range should be when I work out? I see on here that people say you should eat more when you workout, but I have no clue how many calories I burn when working out (I need a new battery for my heart rate monitor). My recommended range is between 1200-1550 based on what I listed as moderate exercise. I have just started a workout routine for mornings that is considered high level interval training. I do it four to five times a week.

All of this starts to confuse me and I get overwhelmed. Can someone give me some guidance?

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