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It's impossible to track, but rinsing it will help, too! Rinse the extras off, and you'll cut sodium and the extra sugar!

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Hi..........found this answer on

yes, the syrup is factored in, but there's a higher concentration in the syrup so you can drain it and use it to sweeten tea or something where it's more diluted. there are canned fruits made with fruit juice FYI, not sugar syrup. read the labels carefully.

I buy the 60-100 cal fruit cups and they do include the juice or syrup.


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Can someone help me with this curiosity question. ..
I have a can of sliced peaches in extra light syrup.
The nutrition facts say there is 60 calories in .5 cup. Is that for .5 cup of peaches plus syrup?.?
So if I only eat the peaches out of the can and dump the syrup, would the calories for the whole can be much lower?

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