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6/10/13 7:26 P

Thank you all for the replies. I have looked into the changes that were suggested and also made a few changes just in general. I think I am destined to stay a little confused but I will not let that get me down. I need to be able to "diet" and exercise without making it so complicated. I have a bad habit of over thinking things. So thank you again for answering my question.

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5/18/13 10:29 P

I agree with Unident - the default recommendation is based on an assumption of 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times per week. This is generally considered the minimum consistent with good health. This probably won't contribute a huge amount to weight loss purely by itself, but there is a lot of research suggesting that this will maintain a reasonable baseline of fitness, and significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, and a number of other diseases.

Once you have started establishing a habit of regular exercise, you may want to increase your level of exercise to build a larger calorie deficit. As you do so, you should update your Spark Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) to reflect that increased level of exercise, and Spark will recalculate your recommended intake. You can increase the frequency, duration or intensity (if the latter, there is an option within the Exercise Goals to directly set a weekly target, rather than using Spark's days and minutes assumptions).


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5/18/13 4:29 P

It's not a max, not at all.

Spark doesn't "recommend" a burn amount. You can only have one variable calculated when two variables rely on each other. You can't calculate BOTH burn and intake calories. So spark assumes a burn, and calculates the intake for you.

It's based on a default assumption to start with of 30 minutes a day 3x a week. At your current weight, that would on an average activity burn that many calories.

You should do as little or as much exercise as you personally find challenging and acceptable. There isn't really a "should". Do what you do.

If you're new, try doing 10 minutes a day. After a while you might want to increase to 20 minutes a day.

The key is to make sure your fitness goals "calories to burn", which you can manually set on fitness settings, is accurate to what you're tracking. The calculated intake is based on calories to burn, not calories you track as burned when you input fitness.

It's also common when starting a new fitness regime to retain water for a few weeks, which can mask any continuing fat loss. Don't worry about the scale at all. Keep up the good work and if you work out more than that goal, change the goal. :)

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5/18/13 2:10 P

That is recommended amount to burn, based on the information you put into SP, so you could consider it the max.

However, you can manually enter how many calories you burn. If you are not eating enough to support your activity level, then that may be what is causing a stall in your weight loss. So go to your "goals & progress" section of your start page, go to calories burned, and click 'change goal'. you can put in how many calories you are actually burning each week. this should automatically adjust your calorie allotment for the day as well.

For example, I manually entered my calories burned at 1900. I know I average that, though some weeks I go over and some I am under. At a weight loss goal setting of 1lb a week, my calorie range is now 1580-1800 a day.

Hope that helps.

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5/18/13 1:21 P

Hi. I am a little confused about how many calories a week I should be burning. The tracker says 650 a week. So one question.. is that all I should burn or is this the minimum I should burn? My reason for asking is I am fairly new to "exercise" in a routine type setting and I try to do some kind of workout every day. (Except Sunday) But my scale stopped going down. I track very closely so I wasn't sure what happened. Could I be burning too much? I realize that it took a long time to gain the weight and I am not looking for an instant solution but the more I read about calorie burn and plateaus the more confused I get. Thanks!

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