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10/22/13 3:19 P

Thank you KJeanne.

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10/22/13 12:35 P

I agree with JenniLacey. Your video is great for cardio but you need to life weight or have resistance in order to build strength. Look around this site for workouts.
Here' an interesting article about toning:

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10/21/13 1:40 P

Thank you JenniLacey.

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10/21/13 11:13 A

To be honest, what you described is better classified as cardio. It sounds like some sort of circuit training video and I doubt the weights/resistance used is enough to reach muscle fatigue in less than 12 reps (as is the case with most circuit training videos).

In order to build muscle/strength effectively, you have to reach muscle fatigue (you cannot possibly perform another rep in good form) in under 8-12 reps. Anything more and you're venturing into endurance building (ie; cardio). The movements should be slow and controlled.

IMHO, you're much better off not following a video for strength training.

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10/21/13 1:59 A

Sorry for not explaining myself properly.

I do 30 mins cardio with the toning incorporated. ( it's a workout video with 3 sets of cardio and toning moves.) The toning entails:

Static Squat + Punches
Static Lunge + Curls:
Static Lunge + Tricep Extension:

Which is mostly for toning arms.

So I wanted to add more toning to my regimen without it being too much. I guess I can add more upper body toning on the days I do that workout.

On my "off days" I don't want to over work by doing too much so I want to stick to 10 min cardio and then jump into lower body toning.

MWF- 30 min cardio with upper body toning

T/Th 10 min cardio with lower body toning

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10/20/13 10:30 P

Can you share what exercises you plan to do when you say you are doing a toning workout?
My upper body strength training includes 3 sets of each of these exercises:
bicep curls
Pull downs
Chest press
preacher curl - for triceps
Shoulder press
Upright row

I do take a rest day in between workout but do my lower body on rest days for my upper body.

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10/20/13 9:46 P

You probably shouldn't do toning more than every other day.

Why only 10 minutes of cardio? Are you just starting out?

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10/20/13 8:19 P

So this is my future work out plan:

The name of the workout is low impact cardio and toning that involves some toning mostly for the upper body, including some mild squatting. It is 30 mins long.

I'm wondering if doing that workout Mon, wed, Fri, but then adding other toning excercises for the upper body and lower body ( Thurs/Tues) if that would be too much toning or should I find another 10 min cardio to do on T/TH.

I want to focus more on losing weight but keep the sagging to a minimum. However, I know that there is a risk of over training muscles.

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