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If you don't set a goal during program setup, the program will give you a goal that's equal to about 3, 30-minute walks per week. You can click on the button at the top of your fitness tracker to change your goals and update that number to something closer to what you're doing.

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Ok, I'm confused....It seems to me that my exercise goal is very low on my tracker....why would it be so low? It seems to me that it was actually higher & then sometime last week, the numbers dropped substantially....and now I have a goal of like 960 calories a week...on a couple of my walks, I get 480 calories burned so I only have to do 2 of my long walks & I've met my at 277 lbs with a goal to get to 175 by June of next year, why would my daily and weekly goal be so low? According to my weight tracker, I'm no where near the goal in my weight loss I'm confused.

Can anyone help me understand what I may have posted wrong, or what's going on?



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