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7/7/13 10:07 P

Thank you for your quick reply. I thought I had reviewed my goal throughly but I had apparently put 2014 as my goal instead of 2013. Don't I feel stupid! Thank you again, I'll be more careful next time.

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7/7/13 9:54 P

1. if you are signed in to your account and go to your post you should see an edit button at the bottom of the post that will let you edit what you have already written.
2. if your numbers don't match you need to find out why. in other words if you start out with the same numbers, do the same calculations with those numbers, then you should get the same end numbers. if you don't, then you need to compare all of your inputs again and you will likely find that one of them doesn't match. make them match what you do and the end numbers should match as well and that is the option you should go with.

-google first. ask questions later.

WALK_RUN_FLY SparkPoints: (710)
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7/7/13 9:45 P

...Plus weekly exercise calories (2500/7 = 357) I get about 1900 to maintain. What count should I go by, 1700 calories or 1400 (1900-500)

Thanks! Sorry about posting it in two messages, submitted it too early.

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7/7/13 9:42 P

Hello everyone, my name is Christine and I'm new to the Sparkpeople website. I've lose a few pounds on my own but would like to lose about eight pounds more. When I put my weight loss goal into the SP website it automatically gave me a range of 1700-2100 calories. However when I did the math on my own by adding up my "lifestyle calories" (1540)

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