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HERE2BME Posts: 2,461
4/21/13 9:33 P

Thanks again for all the advice. I am think I have decided to keep on with the same schedule, but up the intensity. I tried yoga today for the 1st time and fell over side ways, but I will keep trying because my balance is awful!

Thanks again! emoticon

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/21/13 7:45 P

First off remember that what ever you are doing you are lapping everyone else on the couch............I do agree that strength training is important.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
4/21/13 7:39 P

The body gets more efficient (ie. burns fewer calories) at anything it does regularly. So the general advice is incorporate different forms of exercise into your overall program. Some achieve this through changing things every 4-6 weeks, others achieve it by incorporating different forms of exercise throughout the week (known as cross-training). Assuming your videos incorporate different types of movement, it sounds like you are achieving this variety through the second approach.

I agree with the comment elsewhere in this thread that the other dimension is intensity, and to see further improvements in your fitness, you need to be increasing the degree of challenge. Depending on the nature of the video, it may be possible to increase the intensity through moving more vigorously, but often videos tend to be one-paced, as you follow the beat of the music and the pace of the instructor. Adding some new, more challenging videos to your library may help here?


HERE2BME Posts: 2,461
4/21/13 5:07 P

Thanks for all the advice. I have been doing m,w,f cardio and tues, thurs strength training. But all different, never the same. Feel like I'm spinning my wheels some times. I think it is time for more resistance.

Thanks for all the advice!

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4/21/13 4:37 P

I don't really see that as conflicting advice.

I've had good results doing whatever workouts I feel like (videos, classes, online workout, from books, made up by me, etc) if I have a general structure in mind for the week. The structure I try for is to have 2 or 3 full body strength workouts, 2 - 3 cardio workouts, and 1 -2 yoga/flexibility/balance workout, and one day off from intentional exercise a week. It is quite flexible according to my whims, but I have had good fitness improvements doing this.

I've had slightly better improvements following programs (or partial programs) that last 4 week - 3months. By program, I mean programs from books, dvds, a personal trainer at the gym, etc. The benefit to a good program is that it should be gradually increasing the intensity or difficulty level. This is not necessarily the same as doing the same video for six weeks. That can be good too, if it is still challenging you or you are modifying it to be more difficult. (I.E. if it is a weight video adding more weight). I've never done the exact same single workout video for 6 weeks though, I would personally get bored. I have done video programs that are 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks and found that beneficial. And I have done the same workout a couple times a week alternating with a couple other workouts for a month or more--that can be nice if they are good workouts because you learn it well but you have enough variety to keep it fresh.

I think either doing the same for six weeks or changing it is fine as long as you get a good balance of strength work and cardio work. Also important is that the workouts are appropriate to your fitness level *and* challenge you. If you do the exact same aerobic workout (i.e. follow the same dance workout, walk the same route at the same speed, swim laps at the same speed, etc) then it will become easier. Your heart rate won't get as high unless you change it a little--go faster, use harder moves, add more resistance, jump higher, go longer, something. And for strength workouts, a weight that was once difficult becomes easier. One week you can only lift it 8 times but some time later you may be able to lift that weight 15 times or more.... These are signs the workout is becoming too easy for you. The advice to change it is often more about making sure you are increasing the difficulty of your workout enough to continue seeing benefits. You can do that with the exact same activity/program if you want, you just need to find ways to increase the challenge as it becomes easier. If it still feels challenging, you probably don't need to move on yet.

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/21/13 3:09 P

It is neither required, nor banned, to do the same videos, or to mix it up.

It does NOT matter WHAT you do. Do something. Do what you like.

If it's the same thing all the time that's okay. If it's different things all the time, that's okay too.

Results will come from intensity, not type, of exercise. Push yourself at least 1-2 times a week. Get past what you thought your boundaries were. Work hard.

On anything. Anything at all.

And don't forget good quality strength training! Are you doing any? That brings results.

Oh, and you're right on a normal healthy weight anyway. What kind of results do you want? You probably should focus more on building lean body mass (which generally isn't possible by following a video) than on losing fat.

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4/21/13 12:49 P

I try and pick a few DVD's and mix those few up during the month. Then the next month pick a few other DVD's and do those throughout the month.


HERE2BME Posts: 2,461
4/21/13 11:42 A

I like to do different workout videos all the time. I think I'm bored as I don't have a current goal. Anyway I have read it is good to mix it up to keep your body guessing, but I have also read to to stick with a routine 4 to six weeks to reap any benefits from it!

Please help, I want benefits!!!!

39 years old
102 pounds
4' 11"

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