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10/7/11 9:48 P

Thank y'all so much for your concern! I finally had a chance to see my doctor and she said that I needed a multivitamin with folic acid...actually recommended a prenatal vitamin. She believes that it is my body getting rid of toxins since the drastic change to my new healthy lifestyle plan. Then she said that if after a month on the vitamins if I am still having the same problem I should come back and see her for further tests as it could be related to my thyroid. She said that under production of thyroid hormone can cause similar problems. Thankfully they aren't life threatening but if my thyroid isn't working right I will have trouble continuing to loose weight, I will have low energy and dry, brittle nails and hair. Sometimes heart flutters and dizzy spells...The only solution to low thyroid is medicine so if it isn't better in a month then I need to go back and see her for a TSH blood test.

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10/7/11 11:12 A

I would suggest seeing your doctor. You may have some vitamin deficiency, if this is a fairly new occurrence.

Good luck!

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10/7/11 5:01 A


If your hair is falling out and your nails don't seem healthy anymore, you definitely want to check with your doctor. When your insides are healthy, that reflects on your outsides. So, while you may have lost 14 pounds (which is awesome), your diet may be deficient in some vital minerals or nutrients. I know that a very low fat diet can cause a person's hair/nails to become brittle and weak.

Is this your problem ? Don't know. Thus the need to talk to your doctor. Don't wait. Call them immediately to get this solved.

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10/6/11 9:37 P


Have you spoken to your doctor about this? While this may be due to some vitamin/mineral deficiency, you also want to make sure there isn't something else going on. I hope you will give your doc a call.

Coach Nancy

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10/6/11 9:22 P

I've been vigilantly following Spark since July. I have lost almost 14lbs, I am nearly to the half way point of meeting my final goal, and I am healthier than I've ever been in my life!

That said, I have some concerns.

Two to be exact.

My nails are so thin and flexible. It's almost as if they are made of rubber. The bend easily and break even more easily. This has never happened before and it is kind of bothersome.

My hair has been coming out in a far larger quantity than it ever has before. I have long hair that needs extra conditioner because it's always been dry so breakage has been something I've always dealt with, however, in the past few months quite a lot seems to come out every time I brush it...not to mention that I am shedding like a golden retriever. This is quite worrisome.

I'm kinda freaking out.
Anyone have any suggestions?

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