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6/8/13 10:23 A

I am old school, Solitaire games are the only ones I play and not for very long at a time.

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6/8/13 10:14 A

Bejeweled, Bubble Burst (or whatever it's called), and Angry Birds are my favorites but only for about 10 minutes at a time -- too many other tangible projects to do in life, and I'm generally not a time waster.

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6/8/13 10:00 A

I love the brainteaser computer games...and I find the hidden object games relaxing.
Never got into the arcade games but I would love to try a Wii activity game someday

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6/8/13 9:21 A

I like to play games on FB sometimes, but I also get bored and discouraged. I used to have an account on, but closed it because of getting bored with all of the games. To me, games like Warcraft or whatever have no pull at all.

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6/8/13 9:12 A

I can't play them for long! I get bored easily and I get discouraged easily. I hate it when I lose to the computer and I give up too soon, I guess. That's why I never got into the habit of playing computer games. I like playing chess with the computer though, even if I lose like all the time! lol! I guess I have to play chess with the computer more often before taking on a human opponent so I don't lose so spectacularly anymore lol!

My male cousins who are in their 20s play computer games all the time though. They always play graphic heavy games. I love watching them play because of the high res graphics. But I'll bet that if I'm the one playing, I'll keep losing!

I've noticed that a lot of gamers are young males though. Games like Warcraft and stuff really attracts young males.

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