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You don't have to cut back on exercising necessarily, just go into fitness setup under My Fitness and change the amount you want to burn (towards the bottom), which will probably increase the amount of calories you need to eat in your nutrition tracker. Also, eating at the lower end of your range may stall your weight loss considering you exercise 6 days a week. The more you exercise, the more you need to eat. Don't be afraid to eat towards the higher end of your range.

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Spark says "1-2", but that's not for everyone. For example, someone with 10lbs to lose would be most likely to lose it at less than half a pound a week. The less there is to lose, the slower a human body wants to lose it.

There is no need to cut exercise. If you're getting the warning, just manually set the goal a little higher. If it doesn't change your food range then ask first - what kind of results are you getting? If you feel fine, and you're losing happily, then there's nothing wrong.

But if you feel hungry all the time or you stop losing or slow down, your best approach would be to increase your food.

1/12/13 11:57 A

I don't feel setting a loss goal of 2 pounds per week to be unrealistic. SP says "1-2 pounds per week". I generally eat at the lower end of the 1200-1550 cal per day limits set by the website. I do approx. 60 min of cardio 3 days a week and then 30-45 minutes 3 days a week. On the lower cardio minute days I do strength training for about 15-30 minutes. I have not had an issue sustaining this workout schedule (well, it was tough at first but I love it now).

I am going to cut one day of 60 minute cardio and see if it will make the "warning" sign go away! It is frustrating sometimes when our bodies don't read the weekly programming notes and lose accordingly!

Thank you all for your responses....I guess the thing to do is not do much and see how it goes for a while! Thanks!

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1/12/13 11:32 A

I've struggled with finding the right balance of exercise and calorie decrease, too. It's not that I can't find a balance, I just have had difficulty finding a balance that resulted in fat loss! emoticon

After 2 months of working at it, I finally found a point where I am losing weight, but it's at the recommended calorie intake (a la SP) with only about 1/3 of the exercising I would like to do, and was feeling good about. Soo... today I am starting to add on about 200 calories a day, and increasing my exercise at the same rate. Logic dictates that I would continue to lose weight, right?

It does seem to be a harder balance for some to find than for others. Good luck!

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I have thought of this also...however the way I understand it in the simplest terms is: Eating and exercising right is a lifestyle and to slowly lose the weigh you need too, simply adjust calorie input to calorie output; then once you are in the sweet spot simply adjust back to normal...
Of course none of this is "SIMPLY"!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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If you increase your calories burned per week by more than about 10-15% and you do not get a resulting increase in calories to eat, then you are probably set at an unrealistically fast rate of loss.

You only want to lose 20lbs. You should have that set at less than a pound a week - say 20-25 weeks to lose that. If you have your goal date set any closer, you may never get off the lowest range possible no matter what you set for exercise.

1/11/13 11:12 P

"The number of calories you should eat to manage your weight depends on many factors, including how many calories you burn through exercise. It may seem counterintuitive, but eating too little while burning too much can actually hurt your weight-management goals and the outcome of your fitness program. If you are consistently burning more calories than recommended here, please update your fitness settings as soon as possible. This may adjust your calorie ranges (if necessary) so you can reach your goals in a timely and healthy manner."

Ok, so NOW what do I do? Do I have to lower my exercising amount/duration? I had set them lower and then increased the duration and added a 6th day of exercise. It didn't change anything as far as the calories Spark is allowing me so what do I do about this? Anyone have any suggestions?

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