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3/18/14 10:34 A

My friends and I did, and surprisingly so do a ton of other people! If there is ever a 5K to walk, it is one of the colorful ones. We started running it, but people are everywhere so it is hard to get a good "time" and they are not timed anyways, so you may as well enjoy the atmosphere, costumes and color! You will definitely not regret it!

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3/17/14 8:00 P

I've done 5Ks before and it seems no matter what the theme there are always a ton of walkers! My first time I was really nervous I'd finish "last" but I actually ended up finishing right around the middle even with walking the entire thing!

RUBECCAL Posts: 1,390
3/17/14 8:55 A

Thanks for the info! I've signed up and paid my fee so there is no turning back now! This will be my very first 5K. I'm nervous, but at least my dad will be doing it with me. :)

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3/17/14 8:29 A

Oh, you should sign up & do it!! I didn't walk it myself, but watched & cheered on my sister-in-law and some of her friends. There were TONS of walkers - families, children, etc - and everyone had a blast! The color isn't terrible, but you should wear sunglasses to keep it off your eyes. It was a really fun event, even just as a spectator! lol I'm sure you'd have fun!

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3/16/14 11:00 A

Sign up Rubeccal! I walked the 5k Color Me Rad last year and had a great time. A group of us from work signed up. I too, wondered if I would be the only walker. What I found is that there were runners, joggers, and a TON of walkers. The color stations were a blast and not to dense in color. Don't worry about what other participants do. I promise, you will find plenty of participants who provide encouragement and inspiration! emoticon

RUBECCAL Posts: 1,390
3/15/14 10:50 P

I'm thinking of signing up for the Color Me Rad 5K. While they accept walkers, I'm wondering if anyone has had personal experience with this. Was the color too dense since you are walking instead of running through it? Are there a lot of people that walk it? Any advice or notes from experience would be great. Thanks!

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