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College student looking for some tips!

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2/14/13 11:17 A

Do you live on campus/with at least one roommate? That was something that I LOVED in college was having at least one other person I could hit the gym with. Even if they didn't work out for as long as I did, it was still fantastic motivation to get dressed and once you're dressed, might as well go!

Our dining hall also had a HUGE salad bar and like a previous poster mentioned, they had the nutritional information listed online (I went to the dining hall section of the website and found it that way).

Also, my last two years, I didn't have a dining hall meal plan, so I ate a lot in my on-campus apartment which REALLY helped!

Best of luck!

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2/14/13 6:03 A

I'm in university myself. Things started off great but the stress of extracurricular activities has just been overwhelming! So I'll have to drop one of them to be better focused on my studies and my health. I continue to eat healthy (except last weekend because we had a bday party for a friend) and I think I'm paying for it this week! My tonsils are killing me and those air conditioned classrooms aren't making things better!!!

I'll try to exercise tomorrow seeing as I have no classes (yay) and then it's off to unwind with one of my best friends for the rest of the day! THEN BACK TO STUDIES! But first I need some antibiotics.

As college students we must know when we've had enough. We need to make certain things priority and know when to put things on the back burner. What's important to us? Our health and our education right... without health it makes no sense to pursue the education! So those two should be in the forefront right now.

But try to workout in private as much as possible... and you know what really helps me, because I don't live on campus I stock my fridge with veggies so I am forced to eat them, lest I waste my money! And after a while I notice it's not so bad. If I have to eat on campus I go for a chicken or tuna sub on wheat and drink water. It fills me up! Hope this works for you too! But for right now I feel as if I am on a plateau... but I have noticed my clothes are a tad bit loose!

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2/14/13 12:23 A

I too am a college student. I also am fortunate enough to have access to a gym on campus. I don't eat school food, as I don't live on campus. You could see if your school offers nutritional information for the meals they serve. If not, maybe that could be something you could petition for. You're likely not the only college student looking to get healthy, or prevent weight gain.
As far as exercise is concerned, if you don't have a gym, you can always walk around campus after class. I don't work, so I have time between classes, but I do remember what it was like to work full time and take 12 credits. There's also the possibility-if you can fit it into your schedule, that you could take exercise classes. They're usually 1 credit courses, and since your grade depends on attendance, you have to go. Before having access to the gym, I would take aerobics classes or kickboxing, and even a jogging class that got me really motivated about running, and I haven't stopped jogging since! That would force me to get exercise in at least 3 times a week. I would also go on short 30 minute walks. That really helped.

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2/13/13 11:59 P

Hi all!
I'm a college student, and I'm looking for some tips and tricks on how you guys stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy each day. I know sometimes schedules can be crazy and campus food isn't always the best, so I wanted to know what kinds of things I could do to keep myself on the right track.
Any opinion/feedback is awesome!
Thanks! (:

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