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Hey everyone,

I know that this might not be a problem for everyone here, but I am currently a very busy college sophomore and have troubles with weight gain. I was one of the many last year who gained the "freshman 15" or in my case, 20. Over the summer, when I had amples of time to do whatever I wanted, I would workout. I was so proud when I went back to school and everyone told me that I looked so great! I had lost fifteen of what I had put on the previous semester. But, lo and behold, once the course work really kicked in, I found myself eating terribly and excersizing barely at all...if at all. I really don't want to gain all of that weight back, but I have no motivation to stay on track.
I have always struggled with my weight and this is something that I want to do not only so that I look good come summer, but so that I can live a longer, healthier life. When I tell people that I want to lose weight, they all look at me and say that I look fine. Where that is all well and good, it doesn't help me to stay motivated. I'm not saying that I want someone to call me fat, but I just need someone to support me and maybe even give me that little "push" to keep me going.
Does anyone have this same problem or advice to give me?

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