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9/19/13 9:40 A

Ugh. Seasonique. I have never been fatter than I was when I was on that pill. My gynecologist said that it can alter your hormones to increase your appetite (and also to cause serious water retention/bloat), which is why it usually causes weight gain. Eating a high volume of low-cal foods helped somewhat - I started every meal with an ENORMOUS salad, and/or a large bowl of low-cal soup - but I still found it very difficult to take weight off, and ultimately decided to stop taking the pill (both because of the weight thing and other side effects). It sounds like not taking it may not be an option for you, since it's related to a pain, rather than a BC, issue, so my advice would be to really focus on your calorie intake, and to expect that the weight will come off much more slowly than it went on. Have patience with yourself.

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9/18/13 12:42 P


What you're experiencing isn't unusual. A lot of women "gained" weight when they went on birth control. I doubt the BC caused you to eat an extra 35,000 calories. because that's what you would have needed to eat in order to gain 10 pounds of fat.

The ten pound gain is water retention due to the hormone change. so, you're probably feeling more than a little bloated right now. Believe me, eating less and running more will not get rid of the water weight. Don't starve your body of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Talk to your doctor. Tell them that your BC has caused a 10 pound water weight gain. If they don't switch your prescription, they might change the dosage.

9/18/13 11:56 A

I am learning that I can get back on track this very minute even if I've made some bad choices. (I like to joke . . . but maybe it's not really a joke . . . that the bad choices might actually help my metabolism.)

It's hard for me to deal with the fact that I'm not going to do this perfectly. I do know that each time I get off track that I learn something about why I got off track. Then I can try to prevent that situation from happening again.


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9/17/13 5:33 A

My ex son-in-law was prescribed a low dose birth control pill for a while, for acne. There are lots of 'off-label' uses for many medications.

Given that you are still having pain issues, al-beit not as bad, it would still be advisable to see your Dr again.

Many years ago before I had my first child, I used to suffer terribly with very bad menstrual pain. It was bad enough to cause me to black out with the pain. It wasn't uncommon for me to be taken to the Dr and get a pain relief jab for it. Back then, (in NZ) unmarried girls couldn't go on the pill.


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9/16/13 11:03 P

Well, I feel a little stuck with the birth control I am currently on. I have taken lo-lo estron, and that did not work (oh, I dont take bp for "normal" reasons. Its for pain). So now I am on Seasonique. I just dont take the sugar pills. I have to admit though, its still not the best. I still hurt, but at least I dont end up in the ER once a month. Weight is an issue though, as I have a career that relies heavily on weight. Anyway, just supplemental information

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9/16/13 8:58 P

I would be inclined to talk with your Dr about it. There are many different brands of Birth Control, and a few different forms of it, so I am sure that there will be something that totally suits you.


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9/16/13 5:53 P

is it possible to switch to another type of birth control? I tried a bunch of different types before finding one that worked well for me and stuck with the one that worked for years.

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9/16/13 5:24 P

A couple of sugary treats are not going to derail your efforts. Make better choices tomorrow. Go for a run. Go on Spark recipes and find a yummy, healthy pumpkin recipe to make for your folks when you go home for Thanksgiving! emoticon

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9/16/13 4:52 P

Well I would like to start off by saying I regret my choice, but I am more happy than sad about it. Three months ago I started birth control, and I gained weight rapidly. As in ten pounds in two weeks. I have tried to keep my weight under 135 by eating less and running more. I have just finished a race, so I am sad to say I have coasted for about a week, only running once. Well, I ate one of those russell stover marshmellow pumpkins today for dessert. No big deal. Then I got a package from home. Homeade pumpkin cookies. I had two. Now I feel really bad because I know I am going to get fatter, but I am happy because I had something from home (in three years I have only had homeade goods twice sent to me). Sooo.....words?

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