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8/21/12 11:11 A

Do you have a local Save-a-lot or something? I find that I can make a decent meal from the cheap ingredients there--they even have recipes on their website ( They allow you to coupon, too, which is always nice...
I'm lucky, in that I work at a bank (although I am also a student), and we are slow enough that I can coupon at work, or I can take 30 minutes or so when I get home to do it.
There's also Aldi (they don't take coupons).

If you have a fridge/freezer, you can make some things in 3-4 serving sizes and freeze them (small freezer? use ziploc baggies. works well...)

Pasta is always cheap, and finding a farmer's market is a GREAT suggestion--2 oz pasta+some canned chicken or tuna+lots of veg...

There's also a website somewhere that offers 50+ things you can make with ramen noodles...and there are lots of college-kids-trying-to-eat-healthy-on-the-
cheap cookbooks...maybe there are a few at your local library (or available through inter-library loan)?

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8/20/12 2:15 P

The semester that I did my student teaching, I subsisted almost entirely on baby carrots, instant oatmeal and soda. It wasn't the healthiest time in my life but on the plus side I probably had enough beta-carotene in me to walk on the surface of the sun without burning the soles of my feet.

Although I wouldn't necessarily suggest the diet to anyone, unless you want your skin to take on a lovely jaundiced color, the carrots were convenient and filling. Stashing a hot pot in your room probably doesn't count as leading by example but if you've got a microwave you could have the oatmeal or instant soups (classic ramen with less of the flavored salt packet, comes to mind.)

If you can access a freezer, you could buy grapes on the cheap (around here they're a fall fruit) and freeze them. Canned tuna can sometimes be found pretty cheap. Tuna with balsamic, carrots, and frozen grapes sounds like a pretty good supper to me.

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8/15/12 11:00 P

Do you have access to a fridge and microwave?

I suggested this in another thread to a college student, but the pre-made rotisserie chickens they sell at the grocery store are pretty inexpensive (5.99 at mine) and you can get a lot of meals out of one... you can use the chicken in wraps, sandwiches, salads, etc.

Also, check out farmers markets. You can get a lot of good fruits and veggies there to eat raw, often for pretty cheap, especially if you go near closing time. The vendors usually will sell you stuff at a discount since they don't want to cart it back to their farms. If you don't have a good one near you, check out produce-centric stores. Their prices for fruits and vegetables are lightyears better than the grocery store. The one near me is Sunflower, and they are owned by Sprouts.

Also, oatmeal is very cheap, quick, and filling and you can make it in the microwave and mix in fruits, brown sugar, or peanut butter.

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8/15/12 10:49 P

There are quite a few articles with tips for situations like that in the College Living Lifestyle Center that I think you will find helpful:

Coach Denise

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8/15/12 12:34 A

I am a sophomore, and currently live in the college dorms. I have a very busy schedule since I am an RA and I'm on a very tight budget. Sometimes eating healthy when you are a college student isn't the easiest.

Any suggestions for cheap buys from the grocery store that require minimum preparation?


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