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3/14/13 10:23 P

Great question, and informative answers. No wonder I'll sit in the stuffy car right after my work out. Makes more sense now.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
3/14/13 10:18 P

And definitely get out of your sweaty workout clothes.

KATIENIU SparkPoints: (5,014)
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3/14/13 3:12 P

Basically what's happening is that when you are done exercising your body is still working to cool itself down and sometimes it over does it resulting in you feeling cold and in my case getting goose bumps.

It's completely normal. Taking a hot shower, putting warm clothes on, and drinking something hot as well as doing a long cool down should help.

DAWDLIN Posts: 69
3/14/13 3:00 P

Another thought... have you noticed that when athletes are waiting (such as basketball players on the bench) they put a jacket or blanket on them? I believe this is part of the normal thermal response of the body after you've been hot and sweating.

DAWDLIN Posts: 69
3/14/13 2:56 P

Happens to me too. I've heard that vigorous exercise does this because sweating is the quickest way to cool the body temperature. I take a nice warm shower about 30 mins after my workout (once I have cooled down). Cozy.

PLISZKAT SparkPoints: (2,989)
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3/14/13 12:25 P

I do, but it could be because I like in Canada. emoticon . Seriously though, I do experience the same thing fairly often and according to my doctor it could be either A) drop in blood pressure or B) poor circulation. The best recommendation I can give is to make sure you eat atleast 200 calories before exercising, if you don't both of these factors are very probable. Good luck!

MOMMYCRUTCH SparkPoints: (1,882)
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3/14/13 9:53 A

Does anyone else get cold after working out? I do a cool down after every workout and I am still sweating. About 15 minutes afterwards it is like my body temperature plummets. I've read that I may not be hydrated enough, but I'm not sure that is the case. During a 60-90 minute cardio session, I drink about 32oz. of water. Should I be concerned?

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