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11/29/12 12:37 A

mine tooo on top of it until the weather stays the same I will hurt each day

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/29/12 12:32 A

yes my arthritis hurts more in the winter.

11/28/12 1:35 P

I fell and injured my knee four years ago, which caused "traumatic arthritis".

I've noticed that it does react in cold weather, but taking walks really helps. I was told by my doctor that when the pain becomes an issue to apply a warm pack early and an ice pack at night.

The warm pack will increase blood flow to the surrounding muscles and "loosen" the joint so you have less pain while moving around through the day. Ice in the evenings reduces inflammation caused by movement throughout the day and gives it an opportunity to heal and recover.

In my personal experience, applying a heat pack before what I know will be a tough strength workout helps. However, if I'm walking I just begin by not worrying about speed, and then about half a mile into it, it becomes much easier and I get to the speed I want to get to. Ever since I hurt my knee I only jog sparsely - but honestly, I've never really been a "runner" so it works out anyway lol

I recommend walking for achy knees. The more you strengthen your ankles, legs, and back, the more it will take away from the strain on your knees. I would recommend shooting for a mile a day to begin with and then only push it further when you feel comfortable.

Speaking from going through something similar myself. I refuse to let my knee slow me down!

11/28/12 1:14 P

I have bad knees so when the weather gets cold they really ache. I have found that if I still make myself work out (with lots of stretching both before and after) my knees feel 100% Better. Yes its hard to make myself do it when I'm in pain but it does help.

Good Luck

KJELLYBEAN15 Posts: 240
11/28/12 10:44 A

I have had three discs replaced in my neck back in February. I have noticed the past few weeks that I have been experiencing increased tension and pain in my neck/shoulders and non stop headaches. My husband reminded me that it's most likely the wet/cold weather.

I wore a warm scarf today and the pain is getting much better.

Best wishes. Hope you get some relief.

STEVIEBEE569 Posts: 10,557
11/28/12 9:33 A

Yesterday, my knees were really hurting. I live in Indiana, where it has been a little chilly. I had to take Tylenol Arthitis as well as put on some Icy Hot! I'm only in my forties and I felt so old! Ugh!

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11/28/12 9:20 A

I live where it is very cold. Weather changes can really affect how joints feel and react. A mild anti-inflammatory, like advil once or twice a day really helps.

KRISTIN9924 Posts: 952
11/27/12 11:07 P

Does anyone else experience joint pain when the weather gets cold? It only recently got near freezing and suddenly my knees and wrist have started aching. I have previous injuries to those joints, but they have healed and I am cleared by my doctor to exercise. I don't believe that I have done anything to re-injure those joints.

With that being said, what are some things that I can do so this doesn't interfere too much with my workouts?

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