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7/29/13 5:34 A

I often add Oat Bran to smoothies, I add it to nearly all baking I do, and I add it to a lot of casseroles I make. I also use it as a coating on pork and skinless chicken that I am going to pan-fry in just a spray of oil.


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7/29/13 4:19 A

Assuming you are wanting to add oat bran for more fibre in your diet?

Here are some suggestions:

- add oat bran to a fruit smoothie
- use oat bran as a substitute for other cereals, at least in part
- variation of bircher muesli; related to above point: do a search for "healthy bircher" and substitute oat bran for all or some of the oats.

A simple google search should give you all the help you need as long as you include the word "healthy"!

AKDENIZ89 Posts: 89
7/29/13 1:30 A

Hi everyone! Does any one have a cold oat bran recipe? Or mix more likely - as I do not want to do any boiling, cooking, baking etc.?

Thanks in advance

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