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2/15/13 7:32 A

Yes, you can. Whether you do or not is up to you. SP's experts have said that anything you drink that hydrates you can be tracked, including tea and coffee.

Some people track everything; others track only water, or only things that contain no calories. It's for your tracking purposes, so that's entirely up to you.

2/15/13 7:07 A

Most people do not count it because it's not actually pure. If that was the case you could count soda as water. Coffee and tea is often a laxative and I believe that is often why it is not counted.

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2/15/13 7:03 A

I am trying to get in my 8 8 oz of water each day, so I am wondering.....does coffee count as drinking water? I don't mean the fancy, sugary, calorie packed coffee drinks. Just regular coffee. It doesn't have any calories anyway (if I add a small amount of cream/sugar, I log that seperately). And obviously coffee is made from water. So I was wondering if I had 8 oz of coffee could I count that in my water log?

Same question for tea!

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