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ROBOMA Posts: 128
4/27/10 9:06 A

Thanks for all the info. I am just using 1 splenda and land o lakes fat free half and half right now. Not bad but the cream does have corn syrup. I am going to look into the silk very vanilla soy milk..that sounds good. Also the sugar-free syrups at Target. emoticon

YVONE65 Posts: 10
5/25/09 10:13 P

I like the International Delight flavored creamer the best. Right now I am hooked on the cinnamon flavor. Typically I have one cup of coffee a day, two on weekends.

BRIDGETD318 SparkPoints: (10,930)
Fitness Minutes: (14,863)
Posts: 174
5/25/09 8:13 P

I love the coffee mate sugar free creamers - they are great. I also use fat free half and half with splenda! My mom swears by using the flavored cocoa!

5/25/09 7:32 P

I like my coffee very light and very sweet and found I was adding about 300-400 cals per large cup of coffee. Most of the time I have switched to tea w/ splenda to avoid calories. The other thing I have found that I like is Target has sugar free flavored syrups so I use them with 1% milk (1/2 cup) so I only have calories from the milk and get the added calcium. Very similar to starbucks skinny lattes

5/25/09 7:25 P

I use 3 T of flavored silk - I can't believe how much it does count. I can have an extra egg for what I put in my coffee. I use agave or organic evaporated cane juice since I'm anti-sweetener. The silk has organic cane sugar, not corn syrup, so I think it's worth using. I'll have to try just silk, no added sugar and see if i can do it. But, if balance is a give and take, I'll take a good cup of coffee and make up for it somewhere else.
I found soy milk curdles went put into a hot liquid. Then there are lumps in the coffee. Maybe mine is hotter than others who haven't had the same problem.

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DIANNE726 Posts: 9
5/25/09 5:43 P

I use milk, add some cocoa and stevia, heat it up, and use an immersion blender to get a nice foam, and then I add hot coffee.

I love the coffeemate, but the corn syrup solids makes me want to avoid it.

TLEIGHT817 Posts: 3
5/23/09 2:29 P

I use land o lakes low fat creamer. There is 25 calories and 1 gram of fat per 2 tablespoons (I use 4, as I light my coffee light). It is excellent. I found that if used the Fat Free flavored creamer, I needed more than one serving and it wasn't worth it.

LEPA!! Posts: 655
5/22/09 11:51 P

i like the fat free french vanilla from coffee mate. i haven't had coffee in about a week though. i'm working out and feeling so energized i don't need coffee anymore!

MJLUVSANIMALS SparkPoints: (90,078)
Fitness Minutes: (24,375)
Posts: 3,344
5/22/09 11:37 P

I only have one cup a day, but not just the calories count but the other factors count too. Can you believe how much potassium is in a cup of coffee, I was amazed. But anyway, I have 2TBS of creamer, and it all counts. emoticon

BCROWLEY1 Posts: 358
5/22/09 11:01 P

I love coffee mate sugar free. They now have caramel vanilla---yummo! But I do track these calories. I usually drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, so that equivalent to hundreds a week.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (215,718)
Fitness Minutes: (79,233)
Posts: 7,165
5/22/09 7:36 P

I like the flavored creamers too. I don't bother tracking the calories...I figure the little bit I use isn't going to make a difference throughout the course of the day.

5/22/09 7:30 P

Try CoffeeMate Sugar Free Vanilla creamer. It's only 15 cals per tblsp, so even if you like your coffee super creamy/sweet, you won't be going overboard on the calories. I love this stuff, and it usually doesn't even need Splenda. I've started bringing a bottle to work and keeping it in the fridge to put some in my Starbucks iced Americanos in the morning. It's much better than regular creamers or half and half.

RASTAGIRL5446 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,930)
Posts: 177
5/22/09 12:44 P

I am a creamer freak! It the coffees not white then it's not enough :) but since I had to make changes I went with half & half. The taste is definitely not the same but it's still coffee.

COOKIEJIM Posts: 851
5/22/09 12:10 P

I use Silk Very Vanilla soy milk now for everything.
I put a tablespoon of splenda in a pot of coffee when I make it, from 3 tbl. The soy milk is delicious and sweet enough to make up the difference...Chef Jim

MJLUVSANIMALS SparkPoints: (90,078)
Fitness Minutes: (24,375)
Posts: 3,344
5/22/09 11:52 A

I have been using Coffee mate Hazelnut creamer for a long time, I like it because it doesnt need a pack of splenda with it. I decided to try Silk creamer, and I don't think its going to work. I have to use 3TBS to even get color, and a pack of splenda. Does anyone have any other ideas? I am trying to get away from additional ingredients.

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