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12/23/12 10:52 P

that is a little more tricky... but it can be done

First go to

enter in how much of each ingredient that you use

enter the # of servings

and it will calculate it for you. Also, it will allow you to save the recipe for future use for adding to your nutrition tracker

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12/23/12 10:30 P

Thank you, everyone! Another question arose with dinner... we MADE beef stew. The veggies were all fresh, we used Swanson beef broth, and regular (not organic, sadly) beef stew meat. How do I figure out how much only a bowl is?

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12/23/12 5:35 P

Just enter it all separately and you'll see the calories.


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12/23/12 1:51 P

Coffee ~0 calories.

3tsp of sugar can be entered--don't use the stuff, so don't know offhand how it pans out.

"Some" milk is too vague. Measure it.

Add each ingredient to the tracker. If you always drink same amounts of everything, make a "group," it's easier to enter.


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12/23/12 1:50 P

the coffee has 0 calories

sugar is 15 calories a teaspoon (use an actual measuring spoon, not the spoon you use to eat with since that is not one level teaspoon)

and measure the amount of milk/cream you use

when you enter it into the tracker, it will calculate it for you

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12/23/12 1:31 P

Hello everyone! I have a question, and I'm not SURE this is the right forum, but I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to be really honest with my food tracker, so I entered my cup of coffee with 3 tsp. of sugar and some milk, but I don't know how to figure out the calorie content. Do any of you? Your help is much appreciated!


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