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1/21/13 4:50 P

I mix coconut oil with moisturizer and use it on my hair as a leave in.

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1/21/13 4:36 P

I have been applying on my skin even since I saw this blog and I found out that the smell goes away. At least no one had told me yet that I smell like coconut. I have to see if it helps with my eczema and red and scaly skin on my temples emoticon

1/20/13 3:00 P

Ingesting it helps your skin as well as slathering it on externally.

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1/20/13 2:53 P

I love cooking with it. I love the taste and smell. My favorite is stove top popcorn popped in it and I use Bob's Red Mill popcorn. Once you eat this, you can never go back to anything else.

I also use a little around my eyes and when I want my hair conditioned I use it in my hair.

Love love love it! I buy the big tub of it at Costco!



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1/20/13 11:46 A

Thanks everyone emoticon

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1/7/13 8:36 P

I love coconut oil but it the smell can be a bit to hard to take on the skin. I use for cooking and it tastes great, I used it on my hair several time when I was a child but the smell is strong.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
1/7/13 8:23 P

I use it on my hands, feet, knees and elbows and love it. Give it a try and see how it works for you, of course, but I do have to say that I don't know anyone who's had breakouts from it.

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1/7/13 7:49 P

I use it all the time especially as a skin moisturizer. I also use it as a eye makeup remover. Takes off waterproof stuff too!

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1/7/13 7:37 P

I make a coconut and brown sugar scrub, I love it...

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1/7/13 4:19 P

I use it on my hands and feet at night and also a light amount on my face. I also recently seen an OB/GYN say it can be used as a natural personal lubricant.

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1/7/13 2:32 P

I use coconut oil on my skin also. I started using it as a lip balm because I am sensitive to everything, a little goes a long way. I also use it as a cuticle conditioner, and just about anywhere I have dry itchy skin. I'm tempted to try it on my hair/scalp next. I have a big tub I keep in the fridge, and scoop out some in a little container to keep in the bathroom for use. I've been using the same tub for about a year now.

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1/7/13 2:06 P

I use extra virgin organic coconut oil (Nutiva is a good brand) on my skin, especially my face all the time - I love it (I'm 55 and that surprises most people). It's all natural - has none of the nasty chemicals most skin care products have. You don't need to melt it - just put a bit in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together until it melts. You don't need very much as a little goes a lot ways, but if you use a little too much, it absorbs fairly quickly. You will find that in the warmer months coconut oil becomes liquid (it actually liquifies at around 75 degrees). You can use it everywhere if you want - I have a tendency to have really dry skin on my hands and feet, so I will slather it on at night before I go to bed and wear cotton socks and gloves all night - the next morning my hands and feet are nice and soft. Give it a try, unless you have some sort of sensitivity to it, I think you'll really like it.

TEMPERANCE88 Posts: 2,561
1/7/13 12:46 P

I've been reading a lot on coconut oil lately, and it seems there are a lot of health benefits for skin. It's been used as a moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, and such. Does anyone use it on their skin? How does it work for you? I'm worried about all the chemicals and such in face lotions and creams, and oil seems a natural remedy--but I don't want to be breaking out either. Thoughts? Oh, and when slathering it on, do you melt it first or keep it solid?

"I will stand by you, I will help you through, when you've done all you can do and you can't cope, I will dry your eyes, I will fight your fight, I will hold you tight, and I won't let go." ~Rascal Flatts

"Everybody falls sometimes; you gotta find the strength to rise from the ashes and make a new beginning." ~Kutless
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