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10/12/12 11:22 A

I'm looking at my can of Smart Balance cooking spray and the nutrition facts are for one third of a second spray (How do you count 1/3 of a second?) calories/zero fat. There is also a grid with longer sprays: 1 second is 10 calories with 1.5 grams of fat and 3 seconds is 35 calories with 4 grams of fat.

The ingredients are a blend of canola, soy and olive oil, soy lecithin, grain alcohol, methyl silicone, and propellant. Yeah, I won't be buying this again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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10/12/12 11:12 A

Don't know if you can go on line and seach old episodes, but Dr. Oz had a show this week or last that highlighted a particular chemical or ingredient in the butter flavoured sprays and additives that is particularly very unhealthy and is a known cause of health issues. Sorry that I don't have any concrete facts or information since I don't use these products, nothing really stuck with me, but I know there was a recent show about it, so maybe you can find it.

I, like the previous posters, use oil sprayers for cooking and have different ones for different uses. I've also heard that nutritional yeast can be a good, natural flavour additive that can add a bit of a buttery, cheesey kind of taste to certain foods. Haven't tried it yet but might try it on my air popped popcorn.

As for cocoa powder, I surely do hope that it is all that it seems as I add it regularly to my smoothies, protein shakes and greek yogurt parfaits for a great flavour boost with little calories.

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10/12/12 10:34 A

I read the can of Pam. The ingredients list seems pretty good until you get to propellent. Makes me wonder what they use. Have you read the warning label on the can? I think the Misto is the better option.

Cocoa powder is okay. No hidden ingredients. And isn't cocoa beneficial? I also say go ahead and enjoy the cocoa.

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10/12/12 10:17 A

I say go for and enjoy the cocoa.

As to the non-stick sprays, I have quit using them. The chemicals needed for preserving and creating the aerosol spray just are not where I want to go - either in me or in the environment. I have switched to using a Misto. Is a relatively inexpensive gadget (for want of better word) that you add your own oil to. I use extra virgin olive oil. It allows you to pick your oil and the quality of that oil. It has a top that you pump with each use - that creates a vacuum in the device which makes the oil spray/mist when you push the button that is like the ones on the non-stick sprays (only no chemicals needed). And the amount of misted oil it takes for cooking/ baking is so minimal it is no more than 5-10 calories for a much more natural product with a fat that is good for you in any case.

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
10/12/12 10:15 A

I would imagine that if there are any "garbage chemicals" in things, they would be listed as ingredients. I would assume there might be some sort of aerosol something in the spray, but that could just be in how the can works. I pretty much cooke exclusively with the spray. If the cocoa powder lists no other ingredients, then I would assume it's just cocoa beans ground up. I'm sure they have been processed, but nothing was really added. I guess?

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10/12/12 10:07 A

So I just wanted to check on a couple things since I just got a rude eye opener. I knew the non-dairy coffee creamer we have at the office is just junk carbs and fat. Normally i drink coffee black or with a little splenda, but sometimes I like adding 1 thing of half and half and enough creamer to make it a little thick. Its like a warm treat. But I finally actually read to the ingredients and number two on the list is PARTIALLY hydrogenated oils! aka trans fat. Guess there's no more of that for me, I'll add more half and half if I'm having a bad day and want a pick-me-up.

But two other things that I eat occoasianlly jumped to mind that, while being not significant calorie wise, might be full of absolute garbage. I have Hershy's unsweetned cocoa powder that I'll use a little bit of to make chocolate-peanut butter oatmeal in the morning (It's like a brownie for breakfast) Any red flags there? Ingredients just list "cocoa" Does that littereally mean nothing but ground up cocoa beans? And is there anything wrong with this?

Also, those 0 calorie non-stick sprays, vegetable and butter flavored. Anything wrong with these or am I free to use them however I wish? Sometimes I'll coat the pan and then cook frozen green beans or brocoli on the stove with it to give them some flavor. Or I'll douse chicken tenderloins with them to make it sticky and add crushed crackers for fake boneless buffalo wings. Anything strange with these? Odd that they are 0 calorie, but that could be just because a serving size is quarter second spray. What If I mash on it for like 3+ seconds? Any garbage chemicals or things that add up quick?


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