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4/9/14 2:03 P

"I was always raised that you shouldn't wear clothes if you have any imperfections like wearing a tank top overweight or what not. It's been really hard to get that out of my mind because I know it's crazy but I just dont want to offend anyone with my body. " - Message Posted by: MADELEINESNOW - 6/20/2013

Wow, lady. I'd have to go naked if I believed that. o.O

It's ok to wear whatever, as long as it is appropriate to the situation (i.e. maybe not so much the lowcut blouse and miniskirt in the job interview setting, but cool in the nightclub or bar). As for flaws, who doesn't have them? Most 'normal weight' women, even young, lean and althetic ones, have 'cellulite' because it is actually a skin condition (and a normal one at that!).

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4/9/14 1:50 A

Fashion is considered as an art form which is entirely dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories that are created by staying in the social and cultural influences.Fashion is all about your elegance and dressing well.Choosing an elegant wardrobe is difficult yet important decision.

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6/23/13 4:15 P

As long as you feel good about yourself and you're within your professional guidelines for your dress code then go for it. As far as bathing suit. just go for it.

6/22/13 10:00 P

Fashion is tricky when you don't feel great about yourself!

At in-between times when I don't want to spend a lot on clothes (ones I'm hoping will be too big soon), I usually hit the thrift store. It's cheaper and a smaller investment, and I often find nice things.

Even then, though, try on lots and lots of things. Don't order online, and don't just grab things you think will fit because of a number on the tag! Some things will be too big although they are your size, and others will be too small. The only way to know for sure is to put them on and look in the mirror.

Another trick is to try to look at yourself objectively. If your head was not on this body, and you saw another person walking down the street with the same build, in the same outfit, what would you realistically think or say about them? Do you make snarky unkind comments about every stretch mark behind the knees of a waitress in shorts? Probably not, right? Dress to please that voice in your head that judges (or doesn't judge) others, and you will feel more confident in your own clothes.

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6/22/13 6:37 A

Pick up some cheap clothing to tide you over until you lose all your winter weight. Shopping for new clothes can be motivational. After you lose the weight, you can take them to a second-hand store and get some money back, or donate them. Meanwhile, wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, that is not too tight and not too big. Same goes for a bathing suit. Enjoy your summer!

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
6/21/13 10:57 P

I say wear whatever you want. I too have cellulite legs, stretch marks, and my leg veins pop out because of the damage my starting weight did to them. I realize that I don't care anymore, and I've worked too hard to not "be able" to wear them. As long as you're happy that's all that matters. If you feel self conscious, capri pants are another option (I wore those every summer for the last 12 years because I felt too self-conscious in shorts)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
6/21/13 8:30 A

I agree-- wear what you're comfortable wearing. What you wear to work is somewhat a matter of, what your employer allows. I work at a marina and we're allowed to wear shorts, but it's preferred that they be "bermuda" length or capri pants. (Preferred, as in, suggested does NOT mean optional.) I'm older and I've found that I'm more comfortable in capri pants, but the younger women wear bermudas.

And since it's a marina, I see women of all sizes and shapes in all manner of shorts, bathing suits, etc. The only thing I'd add to what op's have said (wear what you're comfortable wearing) is to be sure that, if you need support, get a bathing suit top with support. A large bosom does not look good in a tiny triangle top.

If you need a few things to "tide you over" while you're still losing weight-- have you tried Goodwill or other thrift stores?

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6/21/13 4:56 A


There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about !! You wear what YOU feel comfortable wearing. When you hit the beach, you're going to see people of many different ages, shapes and sizes.

We are our own worst critics. Flaws we see in ourselves no one else sees. When you're on the beach, take a good look at the people around you. Do they have perfectly flat tummies ? Do they look like they are a swim suit model ? I'll bet most of the women will have cellulite. Why ? Because 90% of the women in the world have cellulite ! And you know what ? That's perfectly normal !!

No one is perfect. Perfection is an illusion. Go to the beach, wear what you like and enjoy yourself. No one is looking at you and criticising. If they are, that person really has a problem.

Oh DO wear a big floppy hat and sun screen though ! It is important to take care of our skin when we're in the sun. and protect ourselves from skin cancer. If a person should cover up, that's the reason and not because of cellulite.

emoticon emoticon

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6/21/13 4:02 A

wear anything you want as long as YOU are not going to be conscious about it throughout....
We see people around everyday wearing anything n everything right? many of us have even thought 'oh god !!"...

now think of us who keep ourselves away from what we actually want because it may not be "socially appropriate"..(which again is our imagination at overtime work). and ends up not being happy...

so just wear what you want as long as u r comfortable in it....
dont worry... all of us have our flaws which we want to hide every single second... what matters at the end is whether we make choices that keep us happy!!

6/20/13 11:56 P

I live near a popular tourist designation for people from ALL OVAH the place. Let me tell ya,,, everyone comes in ALL SHAPES and sizes. :) Those who have the MOST FUN are those who are NOT WORRIED about "What do I look like"? And go OUT AND HAVE FUN !!! So that's the advice I'll give to you. If when at work, ur NOT as hot, sweaty, nasty feeling, in shorts, or capri's (not sure what ur allowed) than GO FOR IT cos u YOU WILL SMILE and be Friendlier,,, and UP goes the TIPS !!! And also you will provide bettah service,,, since you will be happier,,, ur boss will be HAPPIER with ya,, its a WIN/WIN so WHO CARES about the ARTIFICAL thing of "looks" when its SERVICE we want ! :) AND HAPPIEST FOR YOU !!

On the bathing suit,,, again,, read above,, those on the beach who are the happiest,, accept WHO they are ,,, where they ARE In Life. Of course we on SPaRKS are working at always changing things, but its SOOO IMPORTANT you be HAPPY with urself AS YOU DO and DO NOT WAIT For that "GOLDEN NUMBER" to appear on the scale, for IF YOU DO, you will NOT be well adjusted mentally for the way you look,, and keep it up. Happiness comes from WITHIN not from "how do I look".

ENJOY THE CLOTHES!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO !! Remembah MANY Men think "fat is where's is ITS AT " !!! So that celeite,,,while you may NOT like it,, some WILL be ATTRACTED TO YOU cos of it. So WHY HIDE IT????? Of course on SPARKS we WANT TO BE HEALTHY which is why we are losing the weight,,, side affect,,, WE DO LOOK GOOD, but again, it's sooo important, you accept the mental state of where it is, ur at ,,,as you go thru the changes. Even SKINNIES have it. :) I DID at 115lbs !

MADELEINESNOW SparkPoints: (619)
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6/20/13 10:08 P

Thank you everyone for your advice.

I was always raised that you shouldn't wear clothes if you have any imperfections like wearing a tank top overweight or what not. It's been really hard to get that out of my mind because I know it's crazy but I just dont want to offend anyone with my body.

TANGOKATE Posts: 662
6/20/13 9:42 P

As far as the shorts go, a pair at knee length in proportion to the width of your leg will look professional for work, or a short mid calf summer pant with a wider leg to let air circulate will work also.

As far as the bathing suit goes, trust yourself, if you have really thought about it as you suggest and you know your body then do what makes you happiest. Bathing suits are by design garments that show a lot of skin. Be proud of where you are and wear the style that makes you happiest rather than one that you think or have been told is the best. Best advice, stand tall, laugh and smile a lot and that will attract attention to the inner you!!!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/20/13 9:38 P

You know what? The ONLY person who's going to notice those marks or those couple extra pounds... is YOU. Strut your stuff, seriously! The more confidence you bring to the table, the harder it is for others to see the little so-called flaws.

PS almost everybody has some sort of stretch mark, cellulite, scar, blemish, or other imperfection. I know it feels so.... ughhhh... when you look at yourself and see the imperfection on YOU, but.... it's just normal, ya know? Nothing at all to be embarrassed about.

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6/20/13 9:37 P

Your question seems to stem from whether it's "allowed" to wear shorts and other revealing clothing with stretch marks and cellulite.

Take a closer look around. Do you see other people with stretchmarks and cellulite wearing shorts? I see that often, and I often see people wearing a lot less. Yes, it is "allowed".

Wear what you're comfortable wearing.

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MADELEINESNOW SparkPoints: (619)
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6/20/13 9:26 P

Okay well obviously it's summer now and the temperature keeps rising so I really need some new clothes. My old summer clothes from last year do not fit quite yet. I think I'll put able to get in almost everything if I lose about 2-4lbs ( hopefully just a guess ) I just need some quick cheap things to hold me over,

Now here is the question I feel pretty awful about myself and my body. I have stretch marks and cellulite. Obviously I'm not planning on wearing booty shorts but is it okay to wear shorts when I have these flaws? I work as a waitress so wearing pants in 90 degree weather isn't super fun plus going in and out of the kitchen.

Another thing is what to do about a bathing suit. I normally wear a two-piece. I wear the shorts with a halter bikini top that shows my entire stomach. I refuse to wear a one piece because all of my weight sits in my belly so it makes me look pregnant and also wearing a longer halter top makes me look pregnant as well. I've tried many styles and I think even with the extra weight a two-piece looks the best. But is it wrong to wear one when I have weight to lose?

I'm just so embarassed about the stretch marks and the cellulite!


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