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Tailoring isn't cheap. In some cases, buying a new pair of pants would be cheaper than alterations. My aunt used to do tailoring. that's how I know how to hem my own pants. Moving a waistband is much more complex and time consuming. Thus meaning more $$$$ for the alteration.

If you're still losing weight and don't want to spend a lot of money on new clothes, just buy a couple new pairs of pants/shirts to have for transition periods. If you're trying to save money, I've bought tons of really nice (in some cases new, in other cases lightly uses) pants at the Goodwill.

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1/9/13 2:05 P

Depends on their quality. The more you alter the more expensive it gets.

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1/9/13 1:17 P

The lady who does my pants says more than one size is really pushing it, as most fabrics are cut to be sewn a certain way, and if you change that too much they can lose proportion and look "off".

I agree with the previous posters....if the clothes you have are better quality and still in style, try to find a consignment shop so you'll get a few bucks back for shopping later. For now, shop the clearance racks and thrift stores and get just enough to keep you going. Keep your eyes on the final prize...a new SMALLER wardrobe!

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if you have a tailor or dry cleaner that you trust, ask them.

I think it depends on the article of clothing. Some of my pants were okay belted for much longer than others were.

I know what you mean - business clothes are pricey. If you still have a ways to go, I would only buy from thrift stores. Or only buy a couple of pairs of new pants. If you have a 'ritzy' part of town close by, check the thrift stores in that area. You'll find some GREAT buys.
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I think two sizes is max. I tried to have a suit taken down more than that and it just didn't hang right. You might want to find a consignment shop if you have nice things that are too large now.

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I'm afraid I don't know if pants can be altered that much, or if it's worth the cost. When I went down a size or two, I went to a thrift store and got two pairs of new ones. I'm not near my goal yet, so I didn't want to spend a lot on new clothes I hope to shrink out of in a few months. Lots of people donate clothes that no longer fit, so it's a good temporary solution.

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1/9/13 11:08 A

i have never altered clothes. As I am losing, I would rather buy from resale shops or sale racks until I get to my size. I don't have a good seamstress

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How far can you have clothes altered? I have gone down 2 sizes in pants, and the larger ones look ridiculous on me now. I've safety pinned and belted up until now but can't make them work anymore. They are my business clothes, so good quality. I don't know if it is worth it to try to have them altered or time to just donate them.


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