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JGROTH51 Posts: 1,093
11/7/11 12:05 P

I agree with everyone - hard to buy online - you can weigh a lot more now and wear a smaller size than years ago...welcome to blossoming America

ARTSYGIRLV2 Posts: 1,231
10/30/11 8:12 A

Definitely not the same, and I think it's a shame that clothing manufacturers are trying to dupe women into liking their clothes simply because they can fit into a "smaller" size. I'm a size 8 in jeans, but at Chico's, I'm a 0. That's just silly.

DIANNEMT Posts: 9,183
10/12/11 7:08 P

Wouldn't it be nice if sizes were consistent! I was told that, years ago, the more expensive the clothing, the smaller the size you could wear.... I am now into a 10 (hooray) but I don't think it is the same size 10 as I wore in junior high!

Eastern Time Zone
10/11/11 11:02 P

When I was of normal weight, the smallest size I ever wore was a 9. I read a post by someone of my height and previous weight, that I was when I wore a 9. She said she is a size 4.

Today's 4 is yesterday's 9.

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JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
10/10/11 7:19 P

They are bigger tan that used to be!

JAY75REY Posts: 313
10/10/11 2:36 P

Yep. When I was in high school, around 115 lbs I wore a size 7 or 9 junior. There were LOTS of tiny girls at my school wearing a 5. I don't even remember them carrying anything smaller! Maybe a size 6 misses.

Did all the young people get skinnier? I doubt it. No wonder there are eating disorders and dysmorphia - people making themselves ill to fit into a size 2 or 0. Or they feel "fat". Gimme a break!

Real women have curves!

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CAR58OLE Posts: 718
10/7/11 6:30 P

I have 4 pair of pants - dress pants - all the same "designer" all from the same STORE - all the same size - not one fits the same as another!
Oh and online or catalog - FORGET IT! Even using measurements doesn't help!!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (154,813)
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10/7/11 12:57 P

I definitely agree. Years ago, when I first lost weight, I bought myself a beautiful suit, size 8. I weighed 110 - 115 lbs. back then. I expect to be in a size 8 again when I reach my goal, but I certainly wouldn't fit into that suit! Are women so vain that companies think we have to be able to wear a one-digit size? No wonder our poor husbands have trouble shopping for us!

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ENNAID2 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/3/11 7:07 P

Hi Lesliesenior,

I agree with you. When I weighed 110 lbs I was a perfect size 8. I now weigh 150 lbs and I still wear a size 8. Go figure. And what is size 0 all about. Can someone be that small???

LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (145,211)
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Posts: 4,846
10/3/11 4:11 P

I hate shopping with a passion. Having sizes that are not true makes it agony. I am 5'9" tall and weigh 143-145. I just found a fabulous dress for my friend's daughter's wedding and it was a size 6. Ridiculous! I don't think I wore a size 6 when I WAS 6. Shopping on line has become difficult also since I don't want to have to return things. Great thread.

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10/3/11 1:33 P

Although I usually abhor the idea of standards (standardized testing in schools and the like), it surely would make ordering clothing online simpler if a size ran true company to company!

GETFIT1126 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/3/11 11:58 A

That's for sure-today's size for used to be about a 12!

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JIBBIE49 Posts: 62,333
10/3/11 10:28 A

Clothing sizes mean nothing as they are set for marketing to sell to obese people. I read that before 1940 and WW2, there was a set standard that went by body measurement. (Remember that scale in the back of the catalog?), so all clothes were by exact sizes. But, in 1983 the Clothing Industry asked that that not be used any longer and they could do as they pleased. Thus began the 1X, 2X, 3X sizes, as obese women found them easier to buy and not admit to wearing a 20, 22, or 24. Standard clothes on the rack went up to an 18 and that became an XL.
I agree that it is ridiculous since I saw a YouTube clip of a 180# woman talking about being in size 10 jeans. When I was in high school a size 10 was about a 120#. It wouldn't be so bad if obesity didn't lead to Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other conditions. When a person now is at a normal weight they are made fun of for being a Size 2 or 0.

CHANGING-TURTLE SparkPoints: (125,661)
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10/2/11 8:48 P



in California

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9/16/11 10:21 P


MNNICE Posts: 14,528
9/16/11 10:20 P

It's definitely a must to try things on these days. Although it's fun to get into those size 4s, they sure aren't a small as they used to be!

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (43,103)
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Posts: 1,425
9/9/11 11:11 A

I so agree with you. According to DKNY Jeans sold at Costco, I am now a size 2. These capris are the stretchy kind, so I could probably pour myself into them if I weighed 145 (I'm currently 136). Now that is ridiculous! I know it's just a number and it doesn't really matter, but it bothers me when vanity trumps reality. That's not a good thing.

Have a great weekend.

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2BFREE2LIVE SparkPoints: (350,706)
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Posts: 16,936
9/9/11 2:04 A

My closet is a perfect example of vanity sizing my clothes range from size 2 to size 8 depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the product. I find that the higher end clothing are true to size and the ones they sell in the big box stores for example Old Navy, Target and other locations are much larger than the size listed on the label. I can even wear a size 0 at Old Navy!! I am 119 and 5'5".

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GAYLED56 Posts: 47
9/8/11 11:51 P

Maritimer3, I totally agree! How can a person be a size 0?? I think it's ridiculous. When I was at my slimmest (21 yrs old), I was a sz 10, that was 5'3, 108 lbs. Now, I'll grant that I've seen TINY Asian (Oriental) girls, worked with one who was so tiny it was unbelievable, but the majority of us are NOT "0". That is non-existent. Makes no sense. I guess it's all about marketing....flatter like crazy with numbers and sell more, which of course, is the whole idea.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (202,094)
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Posts: 4,336
8/29/11 11:17 A

I'm a size 4 in Diane Gilman jeans! (135 lbs, too - but aiming for the 114 I was for years!) Diane Gilman designed for Rock stars until she started designing for baby boomers - her jeans are beyond awesome. Look her up on the internet, or HSN - she has sold millions of jeans that fit US correctly and they have stretch.

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MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (154,813)
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Posts: 8,275
8/28/11 7:20 P

Yes, I agree that the sizes don't mean much any more, even in the same designer; e.g., Liz Clairborne or Jones New York. I'm thick through the torso and waist, and I need a 16 in anything fitted, but can wear size 12 jeans. My middle daughter, who is very tiny, wears a size 0 - how can anyone be size 0???

Eastern Time Zone
SHERIO5 SparkPoints: (82,368)
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Posts: 4,870
8/27/11 5:20 P

Yes, gotta say it just FEELS better to slip into a "smaller" size, at least on the tag! emoticon

Sheri-St. Louis, Missouri, USA
MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (202,094)
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Posts: 4,336
8/27/11 4:55 P

When I was smaller (thinner) years ago, I actually wore a bigger size. I LOVE vanity sizing - if only for its feel good quality.

�Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you�
(Matthew 7:7, NLT)
MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (55,072)
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8/27/11 4:44 P

I dont know if it is deliberate, or maybe because products are made in different locations around the world.

For example, 1969 jeans by Gap. The mens loose fit. In some I wear 36 and some 34. It seems to depend on where they were made.



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SHERIO5 SparkPoints: (82,368)
Fitness Minutes: (80,865)
Posts: 4,870
8/27/11 4:37 P

Yes, I agree the "vanity-sizing" really makes it hard to shop! You never know ... emoticon

Sheri-St. Louis, Missouri, USA
MELANIE2600 Posts: 33
8/27/11 10:10 A

Too bad! I might shop less and buy only what I really had to have if every trip meant facing that I am and 1960's size HOLY COW!!!!:::faint:::

MIZKAREN Posts: 37,252
8/27/11 9:49 A

never know what size is going to fit, doesn't seem to have a standard in sizes anymore

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8/27/11 9:08 A

Along with that, the sizes vary so much between manufacturers as well. I have some cheaper jeans sold at Walmart and places like that which are sized 18 and they fit pretty well. i have some nicer pants a friend gave me size 18 from land's end and they are a little bit tighter around my middle than the others. its amazing. so what size am i ?? who knows....
you were talking about a size 4....many years ago when i was in high school i wore a size 12, and weighed 140 lbs. a size 4?? that was for someone who was a "toothpick" or Twiggy (remember her??). twiggy i was NOT. so yea it is interesting.

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DILLONNAN Posts: 563
8/27/11 6:36 A

My daughter and I have both noticed it. The labels don't seem to have much meaning anymore.

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (43,103)
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Posts: 1,425
8/27/11 1:07 A

Does anyone out there agree with me? I think clothes manufacturers are deliberately trying to make us think we are smaller than our actual size. Years ago a size 4 was very tiny. I am now in size 4 capris from Costco. That is simply ridiculous! I am not a small person. Granted, I am close to goal, but 135 pounds does not a size 4 make!

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