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9/26/12 6:03 P

Push ups are a great core exercise when done right...I did 11500 in may of this year over 40,000 for the year then started working on some other goals just keep proper form and stop if feel injured I actually am going for 85000 next year maybe more starting in Jan first.....wish me luck I hope I hit the goal but I dont do diamond actually experts tell you not to touch chest anymorr just to arms parallel I cant help my old school mind if the cheat didnt touch i didnt count them .....I use paddles so the stretch is deeper and better on the joints

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9/24/12 12:33 P

Back in the days I could pretty much do unlimited pushups and even the diamond pushup was more difficult but able to master. The other day though when I was fortunate to workout with my 22 year old son that was home from the ARMY, he told me that those are now frowned upon as damaging to the body more than a good exercise. Things have changed over the years, but many times for the good. I tend to believe him that science has now found them bad and there are many other forms of pushups that will do better for you. So you may want to research them more before damaging yourself trying to do them.

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9/13/12 2:49 P

I used to do these more. After doing my normal 3 sets, then I'd do these and could only do 4-5.

I noticed that they bring out the definition in the chest, even if only for a few minutes ;)

9/13/12 10:46 A

I do not do diamond push ups as a part of my regular routine but I can do them. I did 10 of the the other day showing a friend how to do them. I thought for SURE I'd get to the 3rd diamond push up and then fail but I made ten rather easily. In my own defense I work my trips other ways really hard, I want massive triceps.

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9/13/12 10:34 A

Diamond push ups are great! definitely harder than standard push ups

I can do about 100 regular pushups before I burn out, but only get about 30ish diamonds in. They definitely work the triceps harder.

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9/12/12 1:45 P

Yeah, I do them and nearly kill myself every time. I, too, can only do 3-4 at a time. The other day, I nearly broke my nose doing those and "Under the fence" push ups... I put a small pillow on the ground now.

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9/12/12 10:34 A

Is anyone here doing these? I have progressed to them in my Convict Conditioning workout, and going all the way down is absolutely brutal. I am only doing 3-4 tops each time right now.

Just wanted to see if anyone else struggled with them as much as I have.

Edit: here is the video of them if you are interested.

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