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7/25/13 10:07 A

A lot of the Special K bars (like the ones dipped in "yogurt") list partially hydrogenated oils in their ingredients (== trans fats), so I would steer clear of those.

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7/25/13 9:43 A

If you're looking specifically for a high-protein BAR (not just a snack), which is understandable in your work situation, I would suggest Questbars. They're around 200ish calories and have about 15-20g of protein with little added sugar. Other bars like the special K, lunca, clif, etc. have so much added sugar that they are essentially candy bars. Think Thin bars are another decent option, but they are a little higher in calories (about 230 per bar) and contain sugar alcohols.

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7/25/13 9:40 A

I LOVE Clif bars and KIND bars. They are soooo good.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
7/25/13 9:36 A

In addition to the other great comments, you might want to review this article as well.

Choosing the Best Energy Bar
Edible Energy: Find the Right Bar for Your Needs

Coach Tanya

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7/25/13 8:51 A

I like KIND bars and Larabars (especially their new variety, the name of which I can't remember right now) for the same reason as the last poster. Though they're just as sweet as the rest, the bulk of them is just fruit and nuts, so they feel a lot more like real food. I think they make good snacks in a pinch (though as also noted, at around 200 calories each if I remember right, they're not good replacements for an actual meal). Lunabars and Special K bars taste like compressed chemical paste to me; they're nasty and have no substance to them. Clif bars are sort of in between. I don't like the taste or texture as much as the first two, but they're edible (to me) and filling enough to justify the calories.

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7/25/13 12:05 A

Luna Bars = Gross
Larabars = Yum
Kind Bars = Yum
Cliff Bars - so-so
Special K bars = so-so

I like Kind Bars and Larabars because you can pronounce everything in them. I also like the way they taste, and really help when I have a craving for a sweet snack. I don't think they are very filling though. They hold me over for a bit (but then again, I have the stomach the size of a baseball) and knowing that they only last that long for me, I don't think they would really make much of a dent in normal hunger.

I like how the previous poster mentioned protein shakes. A meal replacement shake might be worth looking into. They generally have things to help you feel full and last longer.

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7/24/13 11:36 P

No idea about those bars, but I do know making your our mix and putting into a bag to bring with you is more healthy and you can mix and match what you put into it without the added sodium and other additives that are used. You can also pack a protein shake that you can drink while on the go at work (I've seen many around my the hospital carrying shakers (a cup that has a protein shake in it) the ones on my mom's floor swear by them for getting in the stuff they need to keep them going on a busy shift in the ER or else where.

TIGGYRN Posts: 23
7/24/13 10:59 P

I'm a nurse in Neonatal ICU. I work 7pm-7am. It's hard to eat several small meals when I work because you never know what might walk thru the door in labor and delivery so taking a meal break every couple of hours is hard. I tend to eat between 10 and 11pm. It just works out better to eat then because if I wait any later it will end up being 2-3am. At about 4-5am I really need a snack. One that's quick and doesn't need to be cooked. A friend told me about KIND bars. I've been doing some research on high protein bars. The KIND bars don't appear to be in favors I like so i've been looking at other high protein type bars. LUNA and Clifbars have some great flavors (names look yummy anyway). Special K bars are cheaper but still in yummy flavors. What's your opinion on the different bars.


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