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12/13/12 2:50 P

As others said, there's no such thing as a need for your body to "cleanse" anything.

If you want a "fresh start," go to the grocery store and pick out a variety of yummy fresh produce, lean meats, whole grains, low fat dairy, beans/lentils, and health cooking fats. Wake up tomorrow morning and start eating that! There is zero accepted scientific evidence that your body needs to go through some sort of detox period before you can start eating healthy. A fresh start takes place when you decide you're ready for it to happen, not because you've taken a pill.

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12/13/12 2:40 P

If anyone attempts to sell you a pill to "cleanse" your body, run away. Run far, run fast.

Your body isn't a toilet, it can't be flushed.

You have two mechanisms (among many) primarily used for removing "toxins" from your body. They're your liver, and your kidneys (and, funnily enough, your skin!) and they do a pretty darn good job of it.

cleanses do nothing. THe only kind of "cleanse" I personally recommend is eating healthy, whole foods with lots of fresh veggies instead of eating junk food.

Taking a pill will not clean your body, it won't flush it or cleanse it, and the only thing lighter in the end will be your wallet.

Please, avoid such things. THere are no shortcuts in this healthy living thing.

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12/12/12 2:12 P

Yikes! Just start eating freggies, nuts, healthy fats, lean proteins, stuff that your body needs! Not some pill that supposedly "cleanses" you!

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12/12/12 1:32 P

Here's the master cleanse topic that just went down today. Take a read there's good info on it. Basically these "cleanses" don't remove toxins from your body. There's absoltuely no evidence saying otherwise. Check out the clean eating team and clean eating in general. That might be more of what you're looking for.

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12/12/12 1:10 P

Yeah, check out the "master cleanse" topic. It's all marketing and/or fasting. SP Dietician Becky explains in detail.

Also two videos that explain it:

Simple: save money, help your body.

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12/12/12 12:57 P

oh is some recent literature...make particular note of the comments from the registered dieticians here at Spark...

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12/12/12 12:54 P

I am looking to do a cleanse but needs to be in pill form. Can anyone recommend one that you have tried and loved? I am not looking to lose a ton of weight off of it, but just to get a clean fresh start. I appreciate any and all suggestions! Thank you in advance!

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